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Composite Decking Boards Designs

May 06, 2021

With the development of the decoration industry, there are more and more different types of decorative floors, and people can choose a wider range. We provide the most fashionable deck ideas for your reference.

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What is the deck?

Traditionally, the deck is a thermal insulation material used to spread on the ground and can provide people with comfort and safety. Nowadays, flooring is installed to increase overall design and beauty. In addition to improving aesthetics, it can also hide unsightly cables.

We can install the floor in two ways:

1. Use expansion screws to fix the floor on the ground. This is suitable for straight, smooth ground.

2. Install the metal grid keel frame on the ground, and then fix the floorboard to the keel.

composite deck designs | Deck designs backyard, Patio deck designs, composite deck designs

Several commonly used flooring categories

The commonly used materials on the floor are:

1. Wooden floor: Traditionally, it is made of wood or solid wood after being cut and painted or antiseptic.

2. Wood-plastic composite decking: This WPC decking is made of a mixture of wood and recyclable materials, has a wooden appearance, can be carved into patterns and exquisite decorative, or can be specially designed according to customer needs.

3. Veneer and laminate: made of durable particleboard substrate or wood veneer.

4. MDF: This material is made by dry pressing wood chips at high temperatures.

5. Marble: commonly used stone flooring.

Several commonly used flooring categories|best composite decking brand 2021

Fashion composite decking design ideas

The appearance of the wood-plastic composite decking can be customized according to your ideas, so you can design the house according to your needs, and then produce a suitable floor according to your design ideas. These composite decking can better add charm to your house.

Our experts at COOWIN® can help design houses better. Contact us now!

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