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Benefits of composite decking

April 26, 2021

This outdoor flooring is made of wood-plastic composite material. The high-performance, low-maintenance composite deck boards have unprecedented durability and aesthetics. The new generation of wood substitutes has many advantages over similar products of wood and PVC. Trex experts shared some reasons for using composite materials in the next outdoor living project.

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Superior durability

Unlike wood or even many PVC materials, high-performance or "covered" wood-plastic composite flooring can prevent fading, scratching and mold, and will not rot, warp, crack, or chip. Therefore, the best composite decking material has become your first choice for decorating your house.

Ultra-low maintenance

High-performance composites only need to be cleaned simply with soap and water twice a year, without sanding, dyeing, or painting, which means you will spend more time enjoying rather than maintaining your deck. Since spills, splashes, and other accidents will inevitably occur, it is very important to choose a composite decking material that can ensure that the color does not fade.

sustainable development

WPC outdoor flooring is made of only more than 95% recyclable components, which are a combination of polyethylene (dry-cleaning bags, sandwich bags, etc.) and wood chips. Therefore, high-performance composite flooring can provide the look and feel of solid wood, but will not cause the environmental impact of deforestation.

Strong warranties

The long-term warranty on composite decking materials ensures a long-lasting appearance and provides additional peace of mind. In fact, WPC outdoor flooring has a 20-year quality guarantee, which is unprecedented in the industry. When planning outdoor living spaces, an important consideration for homeowners is cost. In the beginning, the cost of laminate flooring and railings was indeed higher than that of wooden floors and railings. However, as time goes by, you will get lower maintenance costs and more leisure time, thereby gaining considerable value.

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