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Application of Plastic Wood Products in Landscape Architecture

January 07, 2021

Wood-Plastic Composites”, abbreviated as WPC, is a composite material made of thermoplastic resin and natural fiber through polymer modification, and processed by compounding and extrusion equipment. Wood plastic composite is protected from ultraviolet rays and slow fading. Free from insect pests and fungus erosion; waterproof, corrosion-resistant, no cracking and rot; easy to cut, saw, drill, and fix with screws, etc.; has a natural wood feel; does not contain harmful components to the human body, and is environmentally friendly; Make full use of waste resources and reduce the hazards of waste to the environment; WPC material products have recyclability and are a green and environmentally friendly product.

Wood plastic composite material has the excellent properties of wood and plastic, so it is widely used in the production of various building facilities, garden landscapes, and furniture design.

1. Wood plastic composite decking

As the most common application of Wood plastic composite materials, decking has been very mature after more than ten years of development. Compared with traditional solid wood, WPC has the advantages of better corrosion resistance and less water absorption. Through long-term use, it is proved that Wood plastic composite decking is more suitable for outdoor use than traditional solid wood decking.

2. Application of wood plastic composite material on the guardrail

Wood plastic composite guardrails can be divided into two categories: handrails and fences. Handrails are used in places with high safety requirements such as mountain roads, watersides, and roadsides. Such guardrails must have very high impact strength. Fences are generally used in places such as flower beds or nurseries, just for decoration and beautification.

3. Wood plastic composite activity cabin

Plastic wood composite materials can be used in mobile cabins. For example, small kiosks made of plastic wood can be used in public places such as roadsides or parks; leisure pavilions can be placed in parks or mountain roads for tourists to rest. The plastic-wood mobile cabin is very simple and quick to install, just assemble the pre-produced accessories according to the drawings.

4. Building exterior wall decoration

Plastic wood materials can also be used for decoration of exterior walls of buildings and sun shading of glass curtain walls.

Plastic-wood exterior wall decoration can not only beautify the building and make the building more beautiful but also play a role in blocking ultraviolet rays. The WPC material has a reduced heat transfer coefficient, and it also has the effect of energy-saving and heat preservation when used on the exterior wall of the building.

5. Application of WPC products

In addition to applications such as deckings, guardrails, and pavilion corridors that need to be installed on-site, WPC can also be made into various finished products for direct use, such as various stools, signs, flower boxes, and street lights. These WPC products can be used without installation or simple installation.

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