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Why do we choose the WPC Outdoor products in the long run?

WPC, namely wood plastic composite, is a new type of composite material that has flourished in recent years. WPC products are a new kind of green environmental protection product.

Take plant fiber/powder as the main raw material, add plastic particles and necessary chemical additives, and process it under high temperature and high pressure through a special process (such as extrusion, injection molding, laminating, etc.).COOWINGROUP;Composite Decking.

WPC products have good UV resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction performance, and are easy to process like wood.

At the same time, wood plastic products have superior water resistance, and the water absorption rate is only 2%-5%.

Machinability is much better than wood, steel, and plastic.

There are multiple specifications, models, and accessories to choose from, and the length can be set at will. Convenient assembly, low maintenance cost, far comprehensive cost performance

Higher than traditional materials.

Let’s talk about the outstanding features of wood-plastic products?

  • Moisture and waterproof
  • Various styles
  • Prevent the breeding of bugs
  • Can interpret different shapes
  • Fire resistance
  • 25-30 years lifetime

Till now, COOWIN have been in this WPC Line for 20 years. And produce the high-quality WPC Product only during many years of development.

It is a good choice for the Outdoor decoration project, such as a balcony, terrace, swimming pool project, also house cladding project, and so on.

Let’s go, I believe that the COOWIN WPC Decking will make your world smile.

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