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New-technology 3D Embossing WPC Outdoor Decking Floor

February 25, 2021

New technology 3D embossing WPC outdoor decking floor, new technology brings new development, 3 DIMENSIONAL embossing is not only an upgrade of appearance but also represents the promotion of performance. Wooden plastic compound outdoor design floor, 3D embossing provides you a different experience.

New technology 3D embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor, decorative enhancement. 3D embossing technology is a superficial carving technique. Each floor is the same as a sculpture, and the artistic atmosphere and visual degree have been greatly improved. Classical 3D embossing is a great improvement in seen wood-plastic floors, which cannot only be re-engraved with the bands but also support the traces of the start barking.

New technology 3D embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor, anti-skid enhancement. The THREE DIMENSIONAL embossing wood floor gets to 3 mm, which can obviously enhance the adsorbent capacity of the floor. Compared with the online adsorption of the groove surface, the adsorption direction of the 3D embossing surface much more diversified.

New technology THREE DIMENSIONAL embossings WPC outdoor design floor, free maintenance impact promotion. Some wood flooring to keep the surface of the wood, use the drawing tool to draw wood texture. These types of textures will blur over time. The 3D imprinted surface of the wood-plastic material floor does not need such a drawing process. The 3D wood grain is printed straight into the wood plastic floor during the production process, and the surface texture is better and more durable.

The new technology 3D imprinted WPC outdoor decoration floor has developed as one of the most popular wood plastic floors. The unique shallow relief surface and imitation wood impact are incredibly popular with the owners. 3 d embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor in short supply in the market, because 3 of the d embossing technology currently belongs to the wood plastic floor in the production of high-end technology category, only a handful of powerful manufacturers can produce.

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