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Composite Decking Has Developed and Improved | COOWIN Group

February 25, 2021

More and more people are going to pay much more attention to environmental protection because environmental protection is playing an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives. People can’t live a happy life without a clean and tidy environment. People become enamored with environmentally-friendly products with the care for nature, so the wood plastic composite decking comes into people’s minds. Evidently, composite decking can contribute to environmental protection with its various benefits for people’s healthy life.

COOWIN makes great progress in making high-qualified composite decking, without any pollution discharged during the manufacturing processes in the factory. “Green” is the key role played in the COOWIN composite decking production. COOWIN does not deny that composite decking is the trendy building product for building field calling more people to realize the importance of environment protection. Green products can win the reputation and fame when compared with competitors. Composite decking series building material can be considered seriously by consumers to be a better choice, applied in the family house decoration, public equipment building, scenic spots beautification, etc. COOWIN believes that composite decking will become more and more popular, trying their best to create composite decking with innovational technology.

Let’s go to know the secrets of the composite decking. Click the article to know about the benefits of the composite decking.

Recycled material

Composite decking is made of wood powder and recycled plastic, with other chemical additives. Composite decking is an environmentally-friendly building material compared with the traditional building material, contributing to a decrease in the consumption of the forest recourses to avoid the deforestation.

High strength  

Composite decking is typically made of the combination of different materials, including wood powder, plastic, which is processed to give the appearance of the real wood. The composite decking is much heavier than the traditional wooden decking, created to be much stronger to avoid the outdoor damages.

No polluted poured

The composite decking free-pollution material, making its manufacturing process clean, avoiding pour the pollution into the natural. The creational and innovational of co-extrusion technology leads to new industry development and improvement. At the same time, the used composite decking can be remanufactured to become the new products to decline the resource waste.

No color fading

The traditional wooden floor will fade color exposed to the sun and rain, people must repaint and recoat the floor for maintenance. But the composite decking doesn’t need any complicated maintenance, which can be used for several decades. It’s helpful for you to decrease the cost of the floor maintenance, saving time and money at the same time.

See more detailed information about the composite decking here.   

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Composite Decking Has Developed and Improved | COOWIN Group
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COOWIN makes great progress in making high-qualified composite decking, without any pollution discharged during the manufacturing processes in the factory.
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