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The wood plastic composite board can be customized according to customer needs

February 25, 2021

The wood plastic composite boards have a great advantage over engineered wood flooring, that is, it can be customized according to sustainable use or design requirements. And these are not available in engineered wood flooring, so when you decorate your home, you may wish to consider more wood plastic composite boards.

We can personalize production according to customer needs, and we can produce any color in the spectrum! You can choose the most popular cedar, rosewood or ash, etc., you can also choose red, yellow, gray or other colors you want.

We can also cover a layer of film on the wood plastic composite boards produced, which can draw the picture pattern you want to meet your design needs.

In addition to customizing the appearance, we can also carry out targeted production on the structure according to customer needs. We can make a solid floor, hollow floor, grooved, seamless installation and so on. We can provide both sides of the product as a surface, giving you one more choice and one more design style.

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