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6 Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Deck

February 23, 2021

Wooden boards can add value to your home and increase comfort. The composite deck is a new alternative to the traditional all-wood deck, with many substantial advantages: environmental protection, wide selectivity, insect bite resistance, low maintenance, and long life.

Coowin Group Composite Deck

1. Has a high environmental value

The composite deck is composed of wood fiber, plastic, and other recyclable materials, and waste wood fibers (sawdust, etc.) can be used as raw materials, which saves a lot of trees. Contributed to protecting the global environment.

2. Composite deck has more selectivity

The composite deck is made by hand, so the composite floor has a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. You can also customize it to your own ideas, so compound decks are ideal for contractors, architects, homeowners, and more.

3. Composite deck has good insect resistance

Traditional wooden decks have been treated with toxic chemicals and pesticides to prevent insects, which will cause pollution to the environment, and the insect control effect will decrease over time. The composite deck has a good insect-resistant function due to the special nature of the material, and it also has a good protective effect on the environment.

4.Low maintenance costs for composite decks

Laminate flooring is easier to clean than traditional wood flooring, and simple maintenance requires only simple soap and water. There is no need to deal with various problems such as scratches and finishes regularly.

5.Longer composite floor life

Compared with the floor made entirely of wood, the composite floor is completely protected from pests such as termites, is not afraid of water corrosion, and has excellent durability. Laminate flooring will not be easily cracked and scratched and has a longer life than traditional wooden flooring.

6.The composite deck is very cost-effective

The composite deck is simple to install and has a shorter installation period, which can reduce labor costs. The daily cleaning and maintenance are convenient and quick, and the maintenance cost is low. Longer service life reduces the number of replacements. It is, therefore, more advantageous to use composite decks.

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