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5 Reasons Why Decking Board Is Common In USA | COOWIN GROUP

February 22, 2021

Since 2000, the building materials market has gradually begun to emerge as a new material to replace wooden flooring. This composite material is a wood-plastic composite decking Board. As people’s ideas change, more and more people use this new type of material to decorate their houses. Here are five advantages.

1.The low installation cost of WPC decking Board

The installation of the wood-plastic composite decking board is very simple. If the installation area is small, you can refer to the manual to install it yourself. Even if it is found by workers, the installation time will be shortened and labor costs will be reduced. The second is low maintenance costs.

2. The wood-plastic composite decking board can choose more

Wood-plastic composite decking board is made by hand, so you can choose a variety of colors and wood grains for the same price. You can also customize different colors and patterns according to your preferences to meet your house design plan.

3. The wood-plastic composite decking board has higher corrosion resistance 

When the wood-plastic composite decking board is installed, a certain gap is reserved for drainage and ventilation. The characteristics of the second material also make it less susceptible to being attacked by various liquids like wooden floors.

4.WPC composite decking board has a long service life

Wood-plastic composite decking boards have higher corrosion resistance due to raw materials, and the surface is not easy to be scratched or bitten by termites. Therefore, the replacement frequency is lower, the service life is longer, and the cost is reduced from another aspect.

5. Wood-plastic composite decking board have lower maintenance costs

The surface of the wood-plastic composite decking board is covered with special process material. It is very easy to clean up. It only needs to be wiped with a wet rag and soapy water. It does not require sanding and repainting with tools, and daily maintenance is simpler.

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