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Pros and Cons of Composite Decking We Should Know

January 08, 2021

Composite decking is the basic building material to be used to build communal facilities and equipment in public, which is becoming more and more popular on the market of the building material. It is the best replacement for us to decrease using wood and plastic, doing a great job for environmental protection.

It is the trend that more and more people are looking forward to using a type of building material that is environmental and high-quality at the same time. Composite decking means a lot for the new material application, which is a huge step for people to build with a lot of care about the environment.

You are ready to take composite decking into your consideration seriously; composite building material can be regarded as a revolution in the building material filed. Critically, composite decking can be installed easily without much maintenance. We have to learn the pros and cons of the composite decking before deciding to buy it.


Differently, composite decking can be coated with some special surface treatment methods, including staining surface, 3D embossing surface, and sanding surface. Composite decking can be cleaned and washed by soapy water; we don’t need to do a lot of work on composite decking scheduled maintenance. The advanced surface treatment technology makes it possible to skip frequent maintenance.

Composite decks are good for the environment as well, composite decking is made of wood powder and recycled plastic particles, which is a good way to decease cutting down the trees. The strength of the wood plastic composite is much better than the real trees, and composite decking can be made with different colors, styles, shapes. The growth ring of the real wood is hard to be removed, composite decking can be more graceful and beautiful from the aesthetic point of view. Composite decking can be designed to play an important role in environment renovation and aesthetic construction. Using WPC building material is an eco-friendly and environment-friendly method to protect the environment surrounding us. The wood grain patterns and colors of the composite decking are becoming more and more realistic and vivid.

Composite decking has various advantages, you can click here to get more detailed information about composite decking advantages. Composite decking is always better than the traditional wood decking, probably NO. We need to judge the composite decking in many respects. Pros and cons are listed at the same time.


Composite decking is much more expensive than the traditional wood decking because the manufacturing technique of the composite decking is advanced and complicated. Composite decking is available in a variety of grades, features, factors, and so on. The composite decking with UV protection and scratch resistance must be more expensive than the normal one.

The appearance of the composite decking imitates the real wood, some composite decking looks fake, not naturally realistic like the real wood. Some people like the texture and touch feeling of wood material. Composite decking isn’t completely maintenance-free; you still need to sweep and wash the composite decking periodically.

The pros and cons of the composite decking are listed above, it is important for you to consider the requirement seriously and strictly.

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