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How to Clean Composite Decking

Composite decking, also known as wood plastic composite decking, WPC decking, is becoming more and more popular which is widely used in various places. Even though composite decking only needs less maintenance, but easy cleaning also does work well to clean it clean and tidy.

how to clean composite decking

Zero maintenance work is not suggested, so it is necessary for you to clean the composite decking. Here is the blog article showing how to clean the composite decking. Let’s go.

Remove the simple debris and spills.

You can start with the cleaning work with a hose watering the composite decking to remove the simple debris and spills, which is the first step to do the basic cleaning care about the composite decking. It is very easy to wash off the new dust, dirt, paper pieces, and other small particles.

You only need to use a hose or shower nozzle to spray water to clean the surface of the composite decking.

Clean the dirt with the soap liquid

And you can clean the composite decking surface spraying the soap water to clean the old stain. Some debris can be hidden in the corner or the edge of the composite decking, scrubbing the surface of the composite decking with the soap-mixed water is a strong method you can take.

It is also an important task to clean the whole composite decking, please don’t ignore every corner or nook while cleaning.

By the way, don’t use the corrosive cleaner containing any bad chemicals.

Scrub the dirt with a brush

You can also choose the brush tool to clean the composite decking, dipping the brush into the soap water for deep cleaning. Don’t use the brush with the sharp bristles. Choose the right brush with the soft bristles can protect the composite decking surface, sharp things will destroy the surface texture.

Focus on the area with much dust and debris, you can spend more time cleaning the area polluted by more dirt.   

Cleaning frequency

Composite decking doesn’t any complicated cleaning during its service life, you can clean it every six months. Please remove the stubborn stain dirt as soon as possible. For example, you can wipe off the oil stain or greasy dirt right away, don’t accumulate dirt to increase the difficulty of the cleaning task.

Use the specialized cleaner to swipe the dirty liquid, I do believe that composite decking only needs less maintenance compared with the traditional wood flooring.

Mop the composite decking

Here are various cleaning tools you can choose, a mop is also a good option. You can use the mop to absorb the water, keeping it dry and tidy. Composite decking is designed with the waterproof feature, it’s better to keep it dry. And you can choose a good area to install your composite decking to completely eradicate the ponding problems.

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