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Redwood art color wood plastic composite deck for forest park

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In 2020, COOWIN took over the project for the construction of the company’s forest park Sinopec Group. The total deck area of the project is 3,700 square meters. The deck involves a veranda, a walkway, a waterfront platform, a resting platform, and a children’s play area.

With reliable quality and stable delivery time. The composite decking provided by COOWIN stood out among many manufacturers and won the approval of more customers.

Factors to consider before proceeding with the project

Forest parks are very much tested for products. Decks are subjected to insect infestation, forest miasma, extreme weather, and wet and cold conditions. Ordinary traditional wood decking or low-quality composite decking cannot be used in this environment. Therefore the choice of construction material becomes a priority. And we need to choose a composite decking material that can withstand the harsh environment. However, we need to take into account that local building codes may have an impact on the size of the deck and the materials used.

In terms of finishes, visual appeal is often an important factor in the design and planning process. If one wishes to maintain the original appearance of the deck throughout its life cycle of construction. There are two ways to do this: choose composite decking, or you can paint the wood deck. However, before painting the deck, it is important to carefully consider the material to be chosen. The following is an analysis of several wood decking materials.

garden composite decking

Cedar or Redwood

Both cedar and redwood are often used for outdoor projects, often on decks and fences. Both kinds of wood are resistant to pests and decay. And because it has a very beautiful color and grain, it can be better painted. Cedar and redwood are very expensive, several times more expensive than treated lumber and pine. So consider using recycled plastic or composite decking. Which will keep the original color of the deck intact and eliminate the need for painting.

Pine or Whitewood

Pine or standard whitewood lumber can be used for deck construction. Some pine woods are even as resistant to decay as cedar. And they can both be painted very easily. There is also no great difference between the two in terms of cost. But before you paint, make sure you smooth out any rough or splintered wood on the surface of your deck. This will allow for a more professional finish to be sprayed on top of the affordable wood. Paint will extend the life of your pine deck to some extent, but it will not provide the same results as cedar or redwood.

Treated lumber

Treated lumber is probably the cheapest option, and it is only a little more expensive than treated lumber. But the cost is far less than half the cost of cedar or mahogany. Allow the treated wood to air dry for 6 weeks to 3 months to ensure that the chemicals on the deck surface have completely dried. Once the wood is dry, it can be painted very easily. The lacquered wood can even last 20 years or more.

composite decking product

Type of paint

After choosing the wood you also need to determine the type of paint. Try to choose a paint that is designed for high-traffic spaces. You need to make sure that the paint is suitable for outdoor use so that it can have proper UV protection and effectively prevent the deck from fading. You can choose an oil-based paint to spray, which will take time to clean up later, but it will be more effective.

Composite decking

After looking at these wood decks, let’s look at composite decking, which is a combination of wood fibers or recycled plastic.

Composite decking will not chip, warp, or crack easily. Because of the special material, it does not attract any kind of insects. And composite decking is very low maintenance, you hardly need to maintain it, except for some sweeping and cleaning.

Final Conclusion

Comparing these materials. We decided to use the more affordable COOWIN WPC decorative mahogany art color TS-02 as the building material for the project. This material is able to mimic the grain and material of mahogany, creating a more welcoming atmosphere for the deck.

COOWIN has many years of experience in exporting products. And is committed to serving distributors and large project customers. Providing them with high-quality wood-plastic products that meet international standards. When competing with the best foreign manufacturers, the quality is still on par with each other.

Welcome to consult us, believe in COOWIN, believe in win-win.

Redwood color WPC decking

WPC Materials FAQ

Is your decking scratch-resistant?

COOWIN composite decking can engineer to scratch-resistant when properly used and maintained. However, it is not scratch-proof. It may be scratched by dragging furniture or other items across the deck surface or by dropping items with sharp edges (like tools, etc.) onto the deck.

Above all, we recommend using furniture protectors under the legs of furniture placed on the decking. Similarly, nylon furniture pads or glides are recommended for tables, chairs, or other items that may be moved or re-positioned frequently on your deck.

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