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Redwood art color wood plastic composite deck for forest park

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In 2020, Sinopec Group purchased redwood art-color composite decking from COOWIN for the company’s forest park project.

The total deck area of the project is 3,700 square meters, involving corridors, plank roads, hydrophilic platforms, resting platforms, children’s play areas, etc.

With reliable quality and stable delivery time, the wood-plastic decking provided by COOWIN stands out among many suppliers and has won the recognition of customers.

Forest parks have many tests for products, such as pest control, forest miasma, humid and cold environment. And ordinary quality wood-plastic materials that cannot withstand this environment.

garden composite decking

Redwood color WPC decking

TS-02(140x25mm) WPC composite decking with Redwood art color

composite decking product

COOWIN has many years of experience in exporting products and commit to serving dealers and large engineering customers. Providing them with high-quality wood-plastic products that meet international standards. When competing with excellent foreign manufacturers on the same stage, the quality is still comparable.

Redwood color WPC decking

COOWIN WPC decking redwood art color TS-02

Welcome to consult us, believe in COOWIN, believe in a win-win situation.

WPC Materials FAQ

Is your decking scratch-resistant?

COOWIN composite decking can engineer to scratch-resistant when properly used and maintained. However, it is not scratch-proof. It may be scratched by dragging furniture or other items across the deck surface or by dropping items with sharp edges (like tools, etc.) onto the deck.

Above all, we recommend using furniture protectors under the legs of furniture placed on the decking. Similarly, nylon furniture pads or glides are recommended for tables, chairs, or other items that may be moved or re-positioned frequently on your deck.

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