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composite decking
R&D Center
Formula Improvement

The formula of the COOWIN composite material was first introduced from US. But from 2000 onwards., We have gradually developed our own advanced formula system, and the products produced have greatly improved compared with the industry standards.

composite decking
Regional Formula Customization

Fire resistant formula, anti-bacteria formula, anti-high temperature formula, anti-low temperature formula...... COOWIN was able to provide targeted formula adjustment solutions according to the climate of the customer's region. So that the products can better adapt to various extreme conditions, also improve product laying effect and service life.

Market Popular Product Development

In R&D department, senior engineering designers and technicians are chasing market forefront. Innovation become a driving force for COOWIN. COOWIN now have not only all the product types in the industry, but also more than 60 uniquely developed new product structures, product styles and color systems. These emerging products have become COOWIN’s core competitiveness. COOWIN products are always imitated, but never surpassed.

Exclusive Product Customization
composite decking product

The composite product has a strong moldable nature, not only the common composite decking, cladding, fencing, but also can be developed into any shape to meet the needs of most outdoor building materials.

Therefore, customers can even imagine and DIY products according to their own needs, then, our R&D engineers will design the exclusive products that customers need by analyzing their use, and make the final output composite products by drawing drawings, making molds.

Now, we have customized many new products for our customers and applied for patents.

Unlike the popular product models, these customized products are unique and therefore highly competitive in the market and difficult to copy. "Once your product has features that others can't replace, you have a stable customer base, because once they start using it, they can't do without your exclusive supply." said an agency customer who customized the new decking.

Partial Customized Product Display