Properties of wood plastic composite


The performance of WPC depends on the properties of the constituent materials, the interaction between the components, the product design firm, and the use environment. In order to improve the performance of WPC, scientists and manufacturers have been working to improve and update production technology and manufacturing processes.

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For example, with the development of extrusion equipment and extrusion technology, wood plastic composite microcellular foam materials manufactured through wood plastic composite microcellular foam technology have higher impact strength and greater Wayward, longer fatigue life, better thermal stability, and lower density.
In terms of product design form, the surface of the wood plastic composite boards can be covered with a layer of plastic through a co-extrusion process to improve the moisture resistance and antibacterial properties of the composite boards.

Due to the wide variety of WPC products, it is difficult to discuss the properties of these materials comprehensively, and only general evaluation can be made. It is generally believed that wood plastic composite materials have the advantages of both plastic and wood, so they have a series of excellent characteristics: not afraid of insects, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low water absorption, similar to wood flooring, smooth and strong surface, and can Create three-dimensional patterns and other required shapes.