Composite Decking

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composite decking
Composite Cladding

3D Wood Grain Series

3D wood grain art color surface is an innovation, an advantage and a return of wood plastic wallboard

Capped Series

High quality coextrusion fabric, with strong scratch resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, anti fading characteristics

Sand Series

The groove design not only prevents slipping, but also has the function of massaging the soles of the feet

COOWIN composite wood cladding is the ultimate solution for house facades. Because composite cladding boards combine the toughness and longevity of wood-plastic composites. Therefore, it can bring you a more perfect appearance of your house. COOWIN composite wood cladding offers unparalleled color and texture, and UV resistance, making it durable and extremely low maintenance.

At COOWIN, we pursue the concept of green and sustainable living. That is, we strive to create co-development of man, society, and nature. This philosophy is also reflected in our products.

Our composite materials are made from recyclable plastic and wood flour. By doing so, we can dispose of a large amount of plastic waste each year. The use of wood powder represents an increase in the utilization of tree resources, further reducing deforestation. We are making our own contribution to the preservation of the global environment and natural resources.

In other words, use composite wood cladding to decorate the exterior of your house. While enjoying better services, you can also contribute your efforts to protect the environment. Isn't it perfect?