Composite Decking

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composite decking
Capped Series

High quality coextrusion fabric, with strong scratch resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, anti fading characteristics

Composite exterior cladding with the coating will have a longer service life and a vivid appearance. Cooperate with the 3D wood grain process, and composite timber wall cladding making your house a work of art. Make your life better while increasing the resale value of your home.

Traditional wood panels are the most commonly used decorative material. This is because pressure-treated wood panels are inexpensive and also widely available from a variety of sources. And the natural wood grain has a unique aesthetic that provides a nature-like visual pleasure.

The early composite materials had a single color and a distinct plastic texture. So more people still choose to use traditional wood siding to decorate their houses. But as the composite timber wall cladding technology upgrades and keeps improving. Nowadays, composite exterior cladding not only has a natural wood grain-like visual experience. It also has a surface texture and color that traditional wood decking does not have. It allows you to realize more house design ideas.