Composite Decking

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composite decking
3D Wood Grain Series

3D wood grain art color surface is an innovation, an advantage and a return of wood plastic flooring Composite products

Inspired by the real texture of solid wood, the 3D wood grain composite deck has an excellent touch feeling. Composite deck flooring has the advantages of easy installation, environmental protection, and long service life. It allows you to enjoy outdoor life better. In addition, it is easier to get the best decorative effect at a lower composite decking cost.

For those who want to create outdoor projects, the choice of materials is usually considered first. There are many factors that influence the choice of building materials, and the price is one of the biggest concerns. The fact is that the vast majority of people want to buy outdoor decking that works well and is inexpensive.

Although composite decking cost more to purchase than traditional wood decking. But wood decks require maintenance such as sealing and painting every two years. This means that after you have installed your outdoor wood deck. Over time, you still need to pay for its maintenance costs.

Whereas composite deck flooring requires almost no maintenance, allowing you to have more time to enjoy it. This also means that the cost of composite decking is one-time. After you go through several maintenance jobs, the total cost of traditional wood decking will exceed the composite decking cost.