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(Riverside/Seaside Ultraviolet-Proof Outdoor Flooring)

Color Choice


Because of the environment and temperature of the riverside and the seaside, these places have stricter requirements for the UV resistance of the outdoor floor, and the most fearful of the solid wood outdoor floor is the problem of aging cracking, fading, etc. The aging problem is more serious through long-time exposure to ultraviolet rays. . Coowin’s riverside seaside ultraviolet-proof outdoor flooring can effectively solve this problem. Wood plastic is made of HDPE high-density resin and wood powder, which makes the floor harder, but retains the texture of the wood. Its color is direct The color masterbatch is added to the raw material, so there is no need to paint the surface of the floor. Its color will be slightly changed after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays and then stabilized, and our factory can customize the color according to your needs.


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