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(3D Embossing Anti-Cracking Outdoor Park Road Plastic Decking)

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As a manufacturer specializing in the production of wood-plastic composite flooring, coowin knows exactly where the product will eventually be used. outdoor park road is one of the main uses of the wood-plastic deck. Coowin considers the needs from the customer’s point of view, summarizing the following Point and effectively solve: 1. The product will not crack (we add various chemical additives to the outdoor park road plastic decking material to make it more stable) 2. The product does not fade (the fading of the outdoor deck will make the store look older and more lonely.) 3. Long service life (large cost problems occur every time you change.) 4. Low maintenance (maintenance of outdoor flooring will result in double cost of customer energy and economy.) 5. Security (customers are also responsible for his clients.)


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