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Red Pine Composite Decking TS-03 in the US

December 02, 2021

Red Pine Composite Decking has bright colors. If used as an outdoor deck, it can build a unique design style for your outdoor living space. Composite decking installation is a great project case for the house building. So here is the case about composite decking installation cases in the US.

The composite decking used in the case is TW-K03, with 150mm width and 25mm thickness, and the length can be designed according to the requirement of the client. COOWIN TW-K03 composite decking has various surface patterns, such as grooved surface, sanding surface, embossing surface, and 3D embossing surface. What’s more, the surface can design or personalize too. And you can choose the type and length according to your needs for building the house you like.

composite fence materials

Composite decking has various advantages compared with traditional wood decking. So composite decking has a longer service life span of up to 2 decades. And you don’t need to spend so much time and money on its daily maintenance. Easy cleaning with the soap liquid or the other cleanser is enough for the maintenance work. And you can do the regular maintenance every 2 years.

outdoor composite decking board

Composite decking is made of wood powder, recycled plastics, other chemical additives. Which is a good way to reduce pollution. The recycled substance can use as the raw material for creating composite decking. Differently, composite decking won’t splinter or crack, creating the floor safer for the bare feet. Little children and pet animals can walk freely on the surface of the composite decking.

COOWIN® composite decking FAQ

Q1: Is your WPC material waterproof?

COOWIN WPC has excellent moisture resistance. However, it should be noted that COOWIN WPC is not designed to “live in moisture”. Which will eventually cause swelling and affect physical properties.

Q2: Does your product get hot or burnt under the sun?

COOWIN composite has a similar surface temperature to the timber of similar colors and finishes. On a hot day with a blazing sun, nearly any surface will get uncomfortably hot or burnt to the touch, such as concrete, pressure-treated wood, or beach sand. On such days individuals are encouraged to cool surfaces with water or wear appropriate footwear.

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