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Opportunities and Cooperation: Ambassador of Zimbabwe to China Visits Manufacturing Base

Monday, August 29, 2022

Accompanied by officials from the municipal government of Linyi and executive officers of COOWIN®, to have an understanding of China’s advanced industrial technologies and theories, on 19th August 2022, the ambassador of Zimbabwe to China, had a deep conversation with us in regards to the development, production, and service of COOWIN®. Mr. Martin Chedondo, ambassador of Zimbabwe to China, expressed his appreciation for China’s advanced manufacturing industry represented by COOWIN®, and asked COOWIN® to build factories in Africa and bring the production equipment and patented technologies there, which will contribute to the bilateral trade relationship and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador of Zimbabwe to China Visits Manufacturing Base

On18 August at 10.00 a.m., accompanied by officials from the municipal government of Linyi, Mr. Martin Chedondo, ambassador of Zimbabwe to China, and Mr. Grasiano Nyaguse, mister of the Zimbabwean embassy, took a tour of the manufacturing base of COOWIN® interior WPC products. In the showroom, Simon, customer relations executive of COOWIN® explained thoroughly to them the superior characteristics, applications, and market potential of our WPC products.

After that, they visited the workshop where Mack, the product development manager, went on to make a presentation on our production techniques and quality control procedures. Mr. Martin Chedondo gave his quite generous compliments on our 3D embossing technology which gives our products naturalistic colors and textures, in recognition of our WPC manufacturing technology and product quality.

After visiting the workshop, they were at the research laboratory where they were shown some of the product tests. Some of the test items included Heat-resistance, Precision, Color Consistency, Flexural Strength, Formaldehyde Emission, and Heavy Metal Content. After checking out each of the product models and having a glimpse into the product testing, Mr. Chedondo and Nyaguse showed great interest in our WPC products.

On 22 August at 4 p.m., accompanied by the executives, they proceeded with the factory tour at the manufacturing base of COOWIN® exterior products. After that, a conversation was had between them. During the conversation, Mr. Martin Chedondo expressed his appreciation for our commitment to the WPC industry for the last 20 years and highly agreed with our business principle- “Green and Sustainable Development, Harmony of Man and Environment”.

Mr. Martin Chedondo says that Zimbabwe has highly approved of China’s industrial development, diplomatic policies, and market environment ever since the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries was established. At present, our company has more than 200 business partners and over 100 products under construction or due for completion in Africa, contributing a lot to the economic development there. Considering this, Mr. Chedondo strongly asks COOWIN® for investment in Zimbabwe and proposes to take advantage of the good policies and market environment and achieve a deeper cooperative relationship in the future.

The executives of COOWIN® completely agree with the proposal, adding that there’s great potential for cooperation between COOWIN® and African countries on sustainable development and the advancement of the eco-friendly material industry. As the leading pioneer in and manufacturer of WPC material, COOWIN® is also looking forward to deeper cooperation with more African countries on production techniques, product research, and market development. And we’re here, hoping to help further the win-win relationship between China and African countries.

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