Mildew and mold Proof Wood Plastic Composite Hotel Wall Panel


The wall panel of molds wood plastic composite hotel is an attractive function wall panel for hotel and hotel service industries. Not only the modeling is varied, the appearance is elegant, but also has the various special function that the mildew is represented.

The wall panel of molding compound hotel is effective in inhibiting mildew. Mildew and mold is a common trend in every area of your life, especially in damp areas and regions. Mildew can corrode the wall space, make the exterior of the hotel ugly, and minimize the aesthetic appearance of the exterior wall structure of the hotel, departing a bad impression of the senses. The amount of acid that is expelled from the mildew will emit a bad smell of sour and sour, which will impact the living experience. Many of this scenario is sure to cause a decline in hotel reputation, affecting occupancy and efficiency. Use mold-proof wooden to mold compound hotel wall panel, inhibit mildew, prevent mildew.

Anti-mildew properties of the wall -panel of molding compound hotel. The wood plastic amalgamated wall panel is made from plastic modified wood powder and plastic extruding, with high density and uniform consistency. The modified wood-plastic contaminants have the same anti-mildew effect as plastic, and the use of antibacterial agents further improves the effect of inhibiting the breeding of bacteria. Fresh results show that the wall panel can prevent and resist 99% of fungi and bacteria.

The other characteristics of the wall panel of the molding compound hotel. The simplest way to prevent mildew is to keep dry. The wood-plastic amalgamated hotel wall panel has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-permeable effect to prevent water vapor from being immersed in the wall structure panel. Good toughness, no cracking, prevent harm to the inner core of the wall panel. The unique dust surface can remove almost all of the attached particles and minimize the approbation of foreign microorganisms.

The wall panel can be used to prevent mildew and remove the harmful effects of mildew on the hotel. Not just that, it doesn’t require maintenance and sealing, which can save lots of money!