Manufacturing High-Strength Wood-Plastic Composite Outdoor Cladding


Blue gray(3D embossing)Blue gray(3D embossing)Cedar art clolor(3D embossing)Cedar art clolor(3D embossing)Cedar(3D embossing)Cedar(3D embossing)Coffee(3D embossing)Coffee(3D embossing)Light gray art color(Sanding)Light gray art color(Sanding)Light gray(3D embossing)Light gray(3D embossing)Red wood art color(3D embossing)Red wood art color(3D embossing)Red Pine(Sanding)Red Pine(Sanding)Red Wood(Sanding)Red Wood(Sanding)

Product Parameters

Wood plastic composite(WPC) outdoor cladding is a kind of high-strength outdoor cladding, which is made of high-strength HDPE resin and wood flour. High strength means the density and strength of the product. It also means that the high-strength wood plastic composite(WPC) outdoor cladding has the service life and weather resistance that other outdoor cladding do not have.
Just like a customer of the Coowin Group in Russia, the city where this Russian customer lives is at a temperature as low as -35°C during the lowest temperature in a year. Under such a climate, a large amount of outdoor wood material will be brittle and easily attacked. Cracked or cracked, and wood plastic composite(WPC) outdoor cladding will not encounter such problems.


  • Brand Name:COOWIN
  • Technics:Extruded under the high temperature and pressure
  • Section Size:157mm*21mm
  • Length:2.2m,2.7m,5.4m or customized
  • Color:Cedar,Red pine,Red wood,White,Coffee,Light grey,Blue Grey,Art color,or Customized color/other color is to be optional
  • Surface:Groove,Sanding,3D Embossing,Embossing,An-ti Groove,Big
  • Groove,Brush,Some Model Number can Customized .
  • Type:Wood composite material
  • Component:50% wood flour,38% plastic (HDPE),12% others additive.
    /Wood flour,Plastic(HDPE),Others additive.

Blue gray(3D embossing), Brown art color(3D embossing), Cedar art clolor(3D embossing), Cedar art color(Sanding), Cedar(3D embossing), Coffee(3D embossing), Light gray art color(3D embossing), Light gray art color(Sanding), Light gray(3D embossing), Red brown art color(Sanding), Red pine art color(3D embossing), Red Pine art color(Sanding), Red pine(3D embossing), Red wood art color(3D embossing), Red Wood art color(Sanding), Red wood(3D embossing), Cedar(Sanding), Red Pine(Sanding), Red Wood(Sanding), Light Gray(Sanding), Blue Gray(Sanding), Coffee(Sanding), OAK(Co-extrusion), Walnut(Co-extrusion), Dark Teak(Co-extrusion), Stone Gray(Co-extrusion), Smoke Gray(Co-extrusion)


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Manufacturing high-strength wood-plastic composite outdoor wall panels(TF-04W)