Main influencing factors of wood plastic composite boards extrusion


During the extrusion molding of the wood plastic composite board, process control is the key to ensure the smooth extrusion and molding of the product. Among the more important factors are temperature, head pressure, extrusion speed.

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The material undergoes a very complicated temperature change process from the feeding of the barrel to the extrusion of the product through the die. If the temperature is too high, the solution viscosity is too low to produce a sufficiently high head pressure, which is not conducive to extrusion molding. The surface of the extruded product is rough and the strength is relatively poor. If the temperature is too low, the excessively low temperature will cause the viscosity of the wood-plastic composite material to increase, and the flow will be difficult so that the material cannot be filled with the machine head to stay, and it is difficult to be extruded. Therefore, in the process of wood plastic composite floor extrusion molding, the temperature is a critical factor.

2.Head pressure

The head pressure has a very important influence on the extrusion processing performance and appearance quality of wood plastic composite boards. When the head pressure is low, it is difficult to obtain dense products with continuous good appearance quality.

3.Extrusion speed

Increasing extrusion speed can increase extrusion output, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency, which are the needs of industrial production. In order to ensure uniform extrusion speed, different screw structures and sizes should be designed according to different wood plastic composite products. The screw speed and extrusion temperature should be strictly controlled to prevent changes in extrusion pressure and melt viscosity caused by temperature changes, resulting in extrusion Out of speed fluctuations.