Low maintenance cost outdoor wood plastic decking


When laying the decking outdoors, there are two main options we can choose. One is wood preservative and the other is wood-plastic decking. From the point of view of experience and touch, wood preservatives must be superior. But in many cases, outdoor use is not very demanding on these two aspects. Therefore, after the wood-plastic decking was born, the development of the former was in trouble. Nowadays, all major shopping malls and parks choose to lay low-maintenance outdoor wood-plastic decking, and the effect is indeed much better.


Long service life

Although we use the decking outdoors, it is much easier to replace when it is indoors, but if you can reduce the frequency of replacement, I believe that every user is happier. The wood-plastic decking has obvious advantages in this respect. Its service life is more than ten years. Even if it is not well-maintained, it can be replaced once in ten years. The preservative wood is a lot worse in this respect. It needs to be replaced after two or three years, so frequent replacement is a big burden for the operator.


Installation is simpler

In addition to the advantages in terms of service life, the reason why people now choose low-maintenance outdoor wood-plastic decking, and because it is relatively simple to install relative to wood. Because the wood-plastic decking is spliced ​​and installed, we can choose to customize it, so it will be much easier to install and save some unnecessary trouble. The anti-corrosion wood must be installed in a complete set. When some accidents occur, it will cause great trouble for everyone and it will take more time.