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How to restore faded composite decking?

Monday, March 21, 2022

As one of the popular materials for building outdoor living spaces. The composite decking is durable and has low maintenance costs. While people can enjoy the outdoor life, it can also bring more convenience. However, with the passage of time, no matter what material the deck is made of. They will start to get dirty and worn. Without proper maintenance, it will affect the service life of the deck. Although the service life of composite decking is longer than that of wooden decks. But over time, they still accumulate dirt and dirt. How to restore faded composite decking is what we need to know next.

Prevention is the best measure.

After a long period of use, if your outdoor composite deck has faded somewhat. You can take some measures to solve this situation. However, if the debris and dirt accumulated outdoors can be removed regularly. Then you can avoid the fading of the composite decking material.

There are many reasons why the composite decking may fade over time. Among them, the two biggest reasons for the fading of composite decks are improper cleaning products and wind and sun exposure.

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What are the reasons for the fading of the composite deck?

It is very important for preventing and solving problems to understand the reasons for the surface fading of composite decking boards. Next, let’s take a look at four main reasons for the fading of composite decking:

Wrong cleaning plan: it is best to use the detergent provided or recommended by the composite decking manufacturer to clean the composite deck. Use the wrong detergent, such as chlorine bleach. Or cleaning the composite deck with steel wire or excessive pressure will cause the composite decking to fade. Therefore, before cleaning the composite deck, please read the instructions carefully or ask composite decking suppliers.

Poor maintenance: Another major cause of deck fading is improper maintenance. The maintenance cost of composite decking is low, but it is not maintenance-free. You still need to keep it clean and tidy, just like your indoor living environment. Leaves, dust, and debris accumulated for a long time will mold and rot, so please be sure to clean the composite decking regularly.

Wind and sun exposure: It is undeniable that the external environment has a great influence on the composite deck. If the place where you live has a hot sun all the year-round, or it is often windy and rainy. Your outdoor deck may fade more easily with the passage of time. Of course, the composite deck still has a higher tolerance than the traditional wooden deck. That is to say, compared with composite decking, natural wooden decks are more vulnerable to sunlight.

Inferior deck material: if your composite material is of low quality, it may fade more easily. Select the highest quality composite decking such as Trex, Fiberon, and COOWIN.

How to keep the deck surface clean

In daily life, proper maintenance of your outdoor deck can effectively prevent it from fading. Even if your deck has faded, the first step to restoring the composite deck is to clean it thoroughly. Don’t worry, the composite surface is very easy to clean.

You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or complicated cleaning solutions to keep your deck clean. In fact, if you use a high-pressure cleaning machine, you should use it very carefully. When using a high-pressure cleaning machine, use low pressure and do not exceed twice a year. Many people don’t like to use pressure to clean their decks. Because excessive pressure will damage the composite materials.

Take the following steps to clean your deck appearance:

1. First remove all the furniture on the outdoor deck to create a clear working space for you. Remove large debris and leaves with a broom, and then spray down from the floor surface with a water pipe.

2. Spray the deck down with warm soapy water or matching detergent, and carefully cover the entire deck area with a solution. Then clean the deck surface with a soft bristle brush or a high-pressure cleaner with pressure not higher than 1500 PSI.

3. Rinse the whole composite deck thoroughly with clean warm water. Make sure you don’t leave any puddles to remove all foam and prevent mold from growing.

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