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How to maintain composite decking?

Thursday, December 09, 2021

One of the best things about composite decking boards is that it is easy to maintain the simple and attractive style of outdoor living spaces. Some maintenance and cleaning throughout the year will ensure that your composite wood decking maintains the best results for as long as possible.

Remove composite deck dirt

The composite decking material exposed to nature will inevitably accumulate dirt and grime. For example, the cute hair left by dogs after running, the dust and small particles left by our shoe soles. nd the stains left by children playing in the mud. Regular gentle cleaning with garden hoses can remove most of the dirt. To protect your wood composite decking, please use hoses with a water pressure of 1000 psi or lower. If it has been a while since the last cleaning and dirt and grime are stuck on it, it is recommended that the homeowner use a composite deck cleaner containing a mild cleaning ingredient sodium hypochlorite.

Remove rust stains

When metal furniture gets old, it may leave rust marks on your decking surface. Usually, this problem can be solved by simply applying vinyl or plastic tips on the bottom of the furniture to prevent staining. For the existing rust on the surface of the composite wood that cannot be removed by scrubbing with water. It is recommended to use a deck cleaner containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid. These composite deck cleaners are formulated to protect the surface of your deck while removing rust stains.

Grease and grease from outdoor cooking

Hot oil and grease can damage your deck surface. So homeowners are advised to place grill mats in areas where they cook outdoors. If your outdoor meal will be perfect. But it’s a pity that you accidentally soiled your decking material with grease or oil. Please be sure to clean the area immediately with a degreasing agent. After using the degreaser, rinse the area with clean water to remove residual astringent.

Sunscreen lotion spilled

Sunscreen is needed on sunny days, but no matter how high-quality your sunscreen is. There is still the possibility of occasional spills. If the sunscreen is accidentally dripped on the composite decking surface by the cute beauty. If you wipe off the sunscreen quickly, it will not be a troublesome cause of staining. But if you don’t pay attention to the sunscreen overflow, it will over time. Cause damage. When the sunscreen lotion spills, wipe off the spill and gently scrub with water. If further cleaning is required, use a mild degreaser.

Mold and mildew

Regularly flushing the composite outdoor decking with a garden hose can prevent most (if not all) mold on the deck. But if it has been some time since the last flush and mold or mildew. So you can use the correct cleaning product to remove these stains.

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