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How to install non-grooved composite decking?

Friday, December 03, 2021

However, professional composite decking installation is very important for the long-term outdoor use of composite decking. For your beautiful home, a high-quality outdoor deck with simple deck ideas that can use for a long time will undoubtedly add luster to your home.

Then let us take a look at the professional installation process.

Prepare the installation tools

Before designing an outdoor deck, you may ask what type of tools are required to install your composite product? 

COOWIN composite decking is ideal for home improvement DIY. Because it can install with standard woodworking tools including rubber hammers, power saws, drills, level, tape measures, etc.

Now, let us prepare the tools firstly. COOWIN outdoor decking board is easy to install and is an ideal choice for home improvement DIY composite decking. The tools used are standard woodworking tools. For example, rubber hammers, electric drills, etc. 

Of course, if you want to make professional operations more convenient, it is more appropriate to hire skilled composite decking installers to do the operations.

composite decking installation | composite decking boards

Prepare to install accessories for outdoor deck

While  COOWIN  provides outdoor composite decking, it also provides a full range of accessories. Such as joists, starting clips, composite decking clips, screws, colored screws, expansion screws, and so on. COOWIN can provide one-stop procurement to ensure that your installation has no worries.

Install the joists

At the beginning of the outdoor deck installation, we need to understand the installation infrastructure and decide how you will lay out the composite deck. You need to measure your site to obtain the required number of laminate flooring and arrange the frame borders.

Measure the length and width of the installation site, and make a script to guide you on how to layout the composite decking one by one. Building a frame with beams is another option, this step is up to you. You can also layout composite decorative panels directly.

When installing joists, pay attention to the center spacing of the joists. The recommended span is 300-350mm. Use expansion screws to fix the joists on the hardened ground. The spacing of the expansion screws is 0.5m.

Install composite wood decking

Install the first decking board along one side of the joist, use the screws to fix one side of the first board directly, that is really very easy. Just need to note that it needs pre-drill firstly, then fix the screws. Predrilling and countersinking prior to driving screws are recommended as they help to achieve neat fastening and finish, and avoid board splitting and screw shearing. For more information, refer to COOWIN composite Decking Installation Instructions.

It should be noted that a certain amount of expansion joints should be reserved at the end joints of the two boards. As we all know, any product used outdoors will have a certain degree of expansion and contraction as the temperature changes, even if it is a relatively stable metal material. In order to protect the expansion and contraction of the wood-plastic deck within a reasonable range, it is necessary to reserve expansion joints.

Regarding the size of the expansion joint. Please consult your professional sales consultant, or refer to  COOWIN ‘s professional installation instructions.

Install the outdoor deck edge trim

Regarding corner guards,  COOWIN  has a variety of different options, and L corner is usually used for edge banding. It can cover the edge of the floor while covering the joists. Ensure the integrity and unity of the project.

It should be noted that when fixing the corner protector. It is necessary to pre-drill the hole and then fix it with screws. Pre-drilling can ensure that the plate is not damaged. And the plate can be prevented from cracking due to direct external force loss.

COOWIN  has been in the wood-plastic industry for 21 years and is a very experienced wood plastic manufacturer. Serving customers is a priority to pursuing profit. Eliminate worries for many engineering customers, composite decking sealer, distributor customers, and develop steadily with customers.

At the same time, we also completed a lot of outdoor decking projects with customers and got a good customer feedback experience. It is affordable composite decking with high quality surely. Please enjoy our project pictures.

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