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How to DIY panel a wall?

Monday, January 17, 2022

WPC wall paneling is widely used in the world market as a replacement for wood. It’s easy to install and can be a good choice for DIY, for home, hotel, villa, etc. More and more clients choose WPC decorative wall panels for wall decoration material now. Due to the good performance on waterproof, anti-UV, no maintenance, etc. Then, how-to DIY panel a wall?

Firstly, we need to plan it before installation: wall paneling can come in a few different forms. So it’s really important to do your research and choose the style you think will best suit your home.

For example, we can design the size, color, texture, installation method in advance. If you are good at drawing, it’s okay to design the wall by yourself. If not, welcome to contact us for a wall plan, or some suggestions of wall panels combine.

Here is some information for you to DIY from the wall panel


For the same model wall panel, the size and shape are completed the same. So many clients mix 2-3 colors in the same house project.

For example, the first layer to be blue-gray color, the second layer to be a light gray color. It will make the finished effect more active.

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Some designers also will choose the wall panel on different surfaces for decoration. Such as one part sanded surface, one part 3D embossed, or the most popular fluted design now. It’s okay to mix the different types to achieve a more funny effect.

Installation method

The WPC wall panel can install vertically or horizontally. So, if you like, it’s a good idea to install one layer house wall panel vertically, and one layer house wall panel horizontally. This is widely used in the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

Wall design

When decorating the wall with a WPC panel. We can choose to use the WPC wall panel to cover the whole house wall or just one small part. This can be adjusted according to your house style or your preference.

After all the above color, size, surface, installation method, wall design are confirmed. Then, we can start to install the WPC faux wall panels according to our request. When we prepare the wall covering panels materials. Let’s add 20% extra in case there will be material waste during installation.

Here are the installation steps for your reference:

1. It needs to start to fix the frame onto the wall, the joist frame can be a metal tube, timber, or WPC joist.

2. Lay the starting clip at the bottom of the joist, then, put the first piece of wall panel board onto the starting clip.

3. Fix the WPC wall panel onto the joist with screws, pls note to predrill before screwing on the wall panel board.

4. Put another piece of wallboard to insert the current one, also, fixed with screws. And the screws will be covered by the next piece, it won’t affect the whole effect.

5. The wall panels will be installed piece by piece like that, it’s very easy to install it with the standard woodwork tools.

6. Finally, let’s use the L corner shape to cover the edge, for corners, windows, doors, etc.

When installing the WPC wood board onto the wall, pls refer to our installation instruction for panel board for walls strictly. The installation instruction and video can be unloaded from our website.

Of course, you can also contact your sales for the installation guide. If you need it, we can also supply the installation train for you specially.

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