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How to choose waterproof decking materials

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Over the past few decades, many homeowners have wanted inexpensive waterproof decking. With the advancement of science and technology, and the promotion and use of composite materials, things that were out of reach for most people have changed. For homeowners, having waterproof decking has become a simple matter.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Before we discuss the types of waterproof decking, you should understand the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. Many manufacturers label their decks as waterproof, when in fact they are only water-resistant.

Waterproof products are supposed to be completely impervious to water, and in the case of decking, it means that water cannot penetrate the boards at all. This is very important for outdoor decking, as it prevents the boards from warping, cracking, or swelling. Fully waterproof decking materials are now available in the following materials.

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Aluminum trim boards

While metal is not the first choice for most homeowners, aluminum is another completely impermeable decking material. In terms of strength, aluminum decking is stronger than any type of composite deck or traditional wooden decking.

At the same time, mold, termites, and UV rays are not a problem with aluminum decking. Of course, aluminum decking is not used much because of many disadvantages. First, aluminum flooring can be expensive. Secondly, although aluminum flooring is relatively light, it is difficult to cut and work with. And it is less decorative from a style point of view.

PVC decorative panels

Also known as PVC, PVC deck is one of the few types of flooring that is 100% waterproof. This synthetic flooring is made of plastic and does not contain any organic materials. Just like composite decking, PVC decking can be covered to provide additional protection. Covered PVC decking is usually more expensive, but can greatly extend the life of your deck.

The downside of PVC decking is that the plastic feel is stronger and it does not look as realistic as WPC decking. Some companies use cutting-edge technology that adds realism, but you still won’t mistake it for traditional wooden decking.

Composite Decking

Composite deck is by far the most popular decking material for residential decking. It is more durable than PVC, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is easily accessible. The number of options available is very large, and if you are interested in laminate flooring, you can also get it customized specifically to your design ideas.

Most composite deck is not waterproof, but rather water-resistant. It is made from a mixture of wood fibers and recyclable plastic, so there are organic materials in laminate flooring. So if you don’t look closely, you’ll recognize laminate flooring as traditional wood flooring.

Traditional Wood deck

In terms of popularity, wood flooring comes in a close second to laminate flooring. And depending on the wood flooring material, the price varies as well. Even if wood flooring is treated with water resistance, wood has the worst water resistance of all materials.

Wood decking needs to be treated with water resistance, and you can add a protective layer to the wood decking to prevent water from seeping inside. But it is still organic, which means that insects, rot, and various environmental factors can take their toll over time. This means that over time, wood decking will still not be water-resistant in a good way.

The best waterproof decking

Now that you understand the differences between different waterproof decks, it’s time to choose a deck material that suits your needs. While cedar, redwood, and IPE all naturally resist rot, insects, and decay to some degree. But they’re still not waterproof unless you coat them with rubber. But that also means more trouble.

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The best waterproof aluminum decking

Aluminum decking is considered a special product, which makes it difficult to obtain in some places. However, it can last decades longer than other types of decking, and it’s also 100% waterproof.

Wahoo Decking is a company that specializes in aluminum decking and they have many lines of aluminum decking. Nexan building products also have two lines of aluminum decking. Versadeck has the most unique line of products. If you want to buy aluminum decking, you can check them out here.

PVC Waterproof Deck boards Brand

PVC decking is also a great option for consumers who want a waterproof deck but don’t like metal. While there aren’t as many options as there are for composite decking, there are a few brands that you should look out for.

TimberTech AZEK is well known for its PVC trim boards. It’s easily accessible, comes with a lifetime guarantee against structural damage and a 50-year guarantee against fading and staining. The company has four lines of PVC boards with a variety of options to offer you.

Fiberon is another big brand that produces composite decking, but like TimberTech, it also has a line of PVC decking boards.

In addition to this, there are also companies that only produce PVC decking. Veka outdoor living products is one of these companies and their Vekadeck PVC decking is an interesting option.

Genovations is a smaller company with only one line of PVC decking and they use some unique construction techniques that make their decking cool underfoot and light in weight.

Waterproof composite decking Brand

If you prefer composite decking over aluminum or PVC decking boards, you can still find several companies that offer plus-cover composite decking. We’ve just listed some of the top brands, but there are dozens of other manufacturers that produce covered composite decking boards.

Trex is arguably the best manufacturer of composite decking in the country, and as a well-known American brand, Trex® composite decking is very popular in many countries.Trex® composite decking has an excellent surface that will create a great outdoor life for you.

Timbertech® also has many excellent contractors. Timbertech composite decking is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Their decking materials have a realistic wood look and texture.

Newtechwood addition composite decking. Natural co-extruded composite wood decking is one of the best wood decks that comes with a warranty.

COOWIN® is a leading composite decking manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting composite decking, composite wall panels, composite fencing, fencing, and more.

COOWIN® wood plastic composite decking is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, as well as a variety of laying styles. Support OEM and ODM. you can order samples at any time. I believe you can find the ideal laminate flooring there.

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