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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Deck Railing?

Friday, April 08, 2022

Outdoor deck railing serves a very important function. Not only do they add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your deck, but they also enhance your outdoor space. You may think it is difficult to choose the right deck railing. But choosing the right composite deck railing is not difficult at all. That’s because composite deck railings come in a variety of colors and looks. No matter what style of house design you have, you can find the right composite deck railing to match your house.

If your outdoor deck is a raised deck, or if your deck has stairs to a deck or lawn. Then it is very necessary for you to install a proper outdoor deck railing. This is to provide better security for your family. If you have children in your home, then it is necessary to choose a railing that has a comfortable grip and thus produces a high level of safety. When choosing a composite deck railing, keep in mind the size of a child’s hand.

What to consider before choosing a deck railing

As an important part of the outdoor living space, we should carefully consider various factors before installing it. Avoid encountering other problems that may inconvenience your life after installation.

outdoor composite decking | deck railing

Specification requirements

Before installing an outdoor deck railing. We need to understand the code requirements regarding the height of the deck railing. Before the project starts, please consult with the relevant local authorities to avoid unnecessary problems later on.


Pressure-treated wood is the most common and cheapest. However, its use requires a lot of maintenance, which can raise your maintenance costs. It also requires a lot of your time.

Deck Railing Cost

Composite, aluminum, or extruded fiberglass with a lid will cost more. But they are durable and long-lasting with minimal maintenance. Gives you more time to enjoy it after the installation is complete.


Natural wood comes in great colors, but it doesn’t match all styles of outdoor architecture. Composites in a wide range of colors can be adapted to all styles of outdoor design. You can even have a composite manufacturer customize it specifically to fit your design style.

How do I choose the right deck railing?

As one of the most important components of your outdoor deck. Outdoor deck railings can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living space while improving safety. Therefore, it is important to choose the right outdoor deck railing.

Choosing quality railing materials

When choosing deck railing, in order to have more time to enjoy the outdoor life later. We’d better use high performance and low maintenance materials so we can spend less time maintaining it. Although traditional wood deck railing is a classic and inexpensive option. But wood railing needs to be stained and sealed frequently. Wood railing is also prone to mold and rot if not properly maintained. Aluminum and composite deck railings offer the benefits of durability and low maintenance, being both easy to use and requires little to no maintenance.

Matching Style

A deck railing that matches the style of your outdoor design will better enhance the aesthetics of your home. Choosing railing colors and styles should be fun, but with so many choices, you may be overwhelmed. To simplify the process, we can use the following methods to choose the right deck color.

Coordinate-Choose a railing that is the same color as the outdoor deck. For example, gray composite decking uses gray railings. This creates a comfortable, coordinated look.

Contrast-If you are willing to try something different, consider using a railing in a contrasting color. An example would be brown composite decking with white balusters. Contrasting colors are also a classic and stylish choice that can suit almost any outdoor setting.

Add Functionality

Deck railings can do more than just improve safety. For homeowners who like to entertain outdoors, “cocktail railings” offer a lot of conveniences. This design approach uses the deck as a top rail to create a flat surface ledge at just the right height for holding drinks and plates. By using rails that match the deck, the space is fully utilized while achieving a look that perfectly complements the deck.

Deck Railing Lighting System

Add to the beauty of the railing and extend your time enjoying the deck by installing outdoor lighting on the railing posts and canopies. Bright lighting will not only set the mood but will also add a sense of security.

Different Types of Deck Railing Costs

Some information about Composite deck railing ideas

Composite Deck railing ideas | outdoor decking design

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