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How to choose the best composite decking decorative colors 2024

Friday, December 03, 2021

There are many composite trim colors, from tonal variations to solid colors that match the trim and environment, homeowners have a wide range of trim colors to choose from and you need to find the best composite decking decorative colors for you.

How to choose the best composite decking decorative colors|composite decking decorative

With all the choices of laminate colors available, you may encounter many questions when it comes time to make your choice: “Is a traditional brown trim panel appropriate? Or would a modern gray with stripes look better?” “Do I want a cooler shade of brown or a warmer shade?”

When making your choice, you want to choose the decor that best suits your home. Follow the tips below to simply choose the color you want for your composite decorative.

What composite decking colors are available?

Before picking a composite deck color, consider your preferred shade, which can narrow down the choices. Once you have initially determined the range of hues, you can further reduce your choices by looking at how they match the colors in your home’s decorative environment.

Most composite decking manufacturers offer three basic color ranges. The tonal variations between these three laminate floor decorative color ranges make each one distinctive.

These color families are based on the following shades.

Gray- from light gray to dark charcoal

Browns – from the warmest brown to cooler tan

Reds – with cooler tones or hotter warm tones

If you think back to what you learned in school about the warm and cold tones of colors. For example, colors with red or orange undertones are warmer than colors with blue undertones, which are classified as cool tones. Think of the reds and oranges of fall foliage with the cooler tones of navy blue. These undertones will make your deck look “warmer” or “cooler” when the sun shines.

You may also want to consider combining color with composite decking. If you have excellent DIY skills or have hired a professional contractor, you can use a variety of colors to create gorgeous patterns and achieve a unique designs style.

Things to consider when choosing a deck color

When you choose your deck color, consider the climate where you live and the exterior of your home. If the exterior of your home is dark, or if you live in a heavily wooded area, choose a trim color in the medium to the dark range so that your trim blends well with your home and surroundings.

Living location and geography may also affect your deck color. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, your home’s red or brown deck will look beautiful in the summer sun. However, if you have a beachfront home in sunny Florida, then cool gray composite decking boards will go perfectly with blue skies.

If you have a deck attached to your home, you may also want to consider your interior flooring. Choosing a flooring color similar to that of carpeted or hardwood floors will give a cohesive look and make for a smoother transition from the interior to the floor.

Do you live in a sunny area?

Sunny areas will also influence the color you choose for your laminate flooring. Sunny climates (like Florida and Arizona) have more sunny days and warmer year-round temperatures. Not only is there more sunshine, but the light is different in these parts of the country due to the location of the sun.

Lighter colors, gray composite decking, attract less sunlight than darker colors and can help keep your composite deck cooler or warmer, allowing you to enjoy it while being more comfortable.

Conversely, people living in the Northwest, Northeast, and Midwest can worry less about attracting heat and can look for rich brown or red tones for a warmer feel, such as crimson lava.

Consider the color of your home

In addition to climate, another factor to consider is the color of your house. When deciding between the three composite decking color families, there are design guidelines to help you decide which color best suits the color of your house and surroundings.

Gray decking works well with white, blue, gray, and red homes – especially in sunny areas.

Brown laminate flooring colors can match almost any house color.

Red works well with a variety of home colors and textures, including stucco or brick exteriors.

The key is to create enough contrast with your home to make your deck the ideal place to relax.

composite decking designs|best composite decking 2021|composite decking manufacturer

Composite Decking Railing systems Colors

One of the most common questions about choosing a color is whether the deck railing should be a different color than the house or deck itself. There is no standard answer. Choosing a railing that is similar in color to your deck will maintain a coordinated look. Choosing a contrasting railing color will make it stand out and have a more ornate feel.

White deck railings look great in coastal areas and sunny locations. White balusters also work with most house colors and can be paired with almost any trim color. Black or brown railings are suitable for brick homes, homes with vinyl siding, and homes with a rustic aesthetic.

Beyond that, you can choose to have your laminate flooring, railings match your window frames for a sharp contrast, or choose to keep the railings in the same color family as the exterior of your home for a seamless transition.

Order a sample

Still, wondering which deck color is right for you? Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few different colors, you can request a sample to be mailed to you so you can see the color and quality up close.

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