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How to choose a composite decking front porch railing?

Monday, April 25, 2022

After years of use, your porch’s wood decking has been damaged. If you plan to resurface your porch, you may want to consider replacing it with a composite decking that adds more value. Composite decking can give you more convenience while it lasts a long time. But when reinstalling composite porch decking, it is equally important to install matching porch deck railings.

Porch railings are an important element in ensuring the safety of your family and friends. Likewise, in most places, building codes require the installation of porch railings. This is why it is important to consult with the building department before proceeding with a construction project. On top of that, we need to know that railings are one of the best ways to inject style and personality into an outdoor space. When people walk by your house, the first thing they notice is your railing. Fortunately, composite deck railing manufacturers offer a range of railing profiles and color options. So creating the right and beautiful look is a breeze.

What is a porch railing system?

You may know about porch railing, but you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of it. So next, let’s take a deeper look at porch railing systems. Here are the components of a composite railing system.

composite decking railing system

Rail posts

Rail posts are typically 4″ x 4″ inserts that hold the railing system to the porch surface. A post sleeve slides over the post and attaches to the board with mounting brackets. Finally, Post caps and base moldings are installed to complete the look.


The top and bottom rails provide a sturdy frame, after which infill is added to complete the composite railing system. A variety of styles of rail profiles are available. Flat top rails are a popular choice, offering a clean, modern look. It also creates a convenient place to keep drinks out.


Brackets are used to attach the top and bottom rails to the posts. Composite railing systems typically use stainless steel brackets that will not rust or corrode. Some brackets can hide the railing lines and give the deck railing a cleaner look.

Crush blocks

Crush blocks are used to provide additional support for composite railing systems where rail sagging occurs over time. Depending on the railing system, the crush blocks may be adjustable or non-adjustable.


Infill is what “fills” the space between the top and bottom rails. Different railing systems use different infill. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a balustrade infill.

Some types of infill require uncabled rails. For example, if you want a cable rail, make sure you choose a railing with an uncabled style. If you want composite railing or metal railing, the wired railing can also be used.

Another important consideration is railing spacing. According to building codes, the distance between balusters should be no greater than four inches. Different types of railing systems have different railing spacing due to different infill. Therefore, consult your local building official to ensure that your infill is installed correctly and in accordance with the code.

As part of your outdoor decor, the choice of porch railing color is important. Different balustrade infill can affect the view from your porch. If you live in a waterfront setting, then choose a classic white railing system. It adds a fresh, nautical style that is always in style.

How to choose the best porch railing color?

Composite manufacturers can offer you a variety of different looks and colors for composite railing systems. So, no matter what design style your home is, you can find the right porch railing color. Often, when choosing the home decor, people choose porch railings that complement the architecture or colors of their home. For example, modern architecture lends itself to dark railing colors, while farmhouse colonial styles are perfect for white railings. Homeowners in coastal areas are more partial to white railings and gray decking.

After choosing a composite porch decking railing color, add matching balusters for the perfect look. Black adds a modern touch to the most traditional of home styles. And round balusters are great at “disappearing” from view, so the surroundings can take center stage.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a porch railing, and if you’re still overwhelmed. Then you can contact our professional service team. They will answer your thought and provide relevant advice. Also, we can provide you with composite decking free samples.

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