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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Privacy Fence?

Friday, April 12, 2024

Privacy fences can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $8,000, or $10 to $50 per linear foot. Most people spend about $4,300 on this outdoor job, which can make their home look better from the street. Prices vary depending on the type of material you choose and the width and height of your fence.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Privacy Fence

The price of building a privacy fence can vary greatly. It depends on how much work needs to be done, how tall the fence is, and any extras that are added. When both you and your friends have fences installed, the price can vary greatly.

Length of Fence

Measure this item in linear feet (not square feet) to calculate how much fence you will need to cover your property. A typical privacy fence length is 150 feet. However, you must measure your lot line to get the exact size. 150 feet of privacy fence costs approximately $35 per linear foot.

Height of Fence

The height of the fence affects the cost. There are two common privacy fence heights: 6 feet and 8 feet. Your neighborhood or city may have restrictions on the size of the fence.

Build a privacy fence that is also 150 linear feet long. If the fence is 6 feet in height, it will cost about $4,700. If the height of the privacy fence is 8 feet, then it would cost approximately $6,300.


The slope of your yard can make it more difficult to install a fence. Installing a fence on a steep slope or uneven ground may cost more than installing a fence on flat ground. If the slope is steep, the first thing to do may be to level the yard. Leveling or remodeling a yard can cost between $900 and $3,000.


Fence Materials

The price of a privacy fence depends greatly on the material it is made of. For example, wood fences are less expensive but still offer you some protection, while aluminum fences are the most expensive. You can also choose a PVC or composite privacy fence for roughly the same price. Avoid mesh or chain link fences as they let a lot of light through. These are cheap but don’t give you much privacy.

Labor Costs

Installing a privacy fence costs about $35 per hour on average. If you hire a team that needs to clean up the site, take down the old fence, or paint the fence, it will take longer and cost more.

For fence builders, building a 150-foot privacy fence usually requires 24 hours of work. People will be coming and going from your yard for days.


Some fences do not require a building permit. However, it’s a good idea to check with your HOA and municipality before you start building. Cities, densely populated suburbs, and private residential areas will often require fences to be built over a certain size or height. Depending on the regulations in your area, building permits can cost anywhere from $20 to $60.


Fence Gates

There are a variety of prices for adding a gate to a privacy fence. Depending on the style and materials used, prices range from $200 to over $8,000. The average price for a privacy fence with a wood gate that is opened and closed by hand is about $400.

Security gates with sensors and other smart features can cost thousands of dollars. Some builders will include a simple revolving door in the initial quote per square foot. However, upgrades such as bi-fold doors, locks with keys, and specialty materials can cost more.

Painting or Staining

Painting or staining a wood privacy fence, for example, will prevent it from rotting, warping, and wearing out over time. The cost of painting or staining a fence depends on where you live, the type of material used, and how much preparation is required. To be safe, add an extra $750 to $4,250 to your budget, or skip this step by choosing a composite privacy fence.

Removing the Old Fence

If the old fence needs to be removed, it will cost you an additional $3 to $5 per foot. Keep in mind that these additional fees do not offset the cost of the extra work.


Tree or Stump Removal

Depending on the size and type of tree and proximity to buildings and utility lines, trees that need to be cut down to make room for a fence can cost $200 to $2,000. Grinding stumps costs an additional $320. If you want to add new plants after the fence is built, add another $25 to $50 per plant to your budget.

How Much does a privacy fence cost in different materials?

Privacy fences can make your home look great. Metal fences have a sleek, modern look, while wood fences blend in with the surrounding trees. So, how much do privacy fences constructed of different materials cost and how much do they each cost?

Fence MaterialAverage Cost
Corrugated Metal$2,500


Wood fencing costs a little less to install than composite decking material or metal fencing, but it doesn’t last as long. Companies that manufacture fences may mix wood with metal to make it stronger, which drives up the price.


Bamboo is strong, doesn’t weigh much, and doesn’t require much care. However, bamboo does not last as long as metal or solid wood fences in windy, snowy, and rainy areas.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences cost slightly more than wood fences, but they last longer and don’t require much maintenance. To create a fence that protects privacy, choose a solid vinyl fence that blocks the view.

Composite Materials

Composite privacy fences have the highest initial cost, but many people choose them. This is because they last a long time and look like wood. It won’t rot, mold, or attract pests, and it doesn’t require much care.


Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal fences are made of sturdy panels that provide good privacy. Corrugated metal fences are one of the best options for privacy fences. This is because they are long-lasting, easy to build, and don’t cost much.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Privacy Fence?

Since the cost of installing a fence is calculated on a linear foot basis. So the larger your yard, the higher the cost. Additionally, the price is affected by the fencing material and the layout of your yard.

Fencing MaterialAverage Cost per Linear Foot
Aluminum or Metal$31

Do it yourself or Hire a Professional?

You can save about $10 per linear foot by installing the fence yourself, as opposed to paying to hire a professional fence installer. However, if you hire a professional, you can be sure that the fencing project is done correctly and safely.

However, if you want to build the fence yourself, you will still need some tools.

DIY Building MaterialCost of Material
Post-hole digger$50–$100
Circular saw$100–$250

How Can I Reduce the Cost of a Privacy Fence?

One of the ways to reduce the cost of a privacy fence is to choose less expensive materials. In addition to this, you should keep the following tips in mind.

  • You should clean and level your lawn yourself before construction.
  • Compare the prices of at least three fencing companies in your area.
  • Choose a fence with simple features, such as a traditional gate that opens and closes by hand.
  • Workaround large trees and other obstacles.
  • Once the fence is built, you should do the final gardening yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Build a Fence?

If you hire a professional, it takes about 20 to 30 hours to build a privacy fence. If you do it yourself, it will take 40 to 50 hours. It may take longer if you need to get a permit, grade the land, remove an old fence, or cut down trees.


When Is the Best Time to Install a Privacy Fence?

You can save money by installing your fence in the fall or winter. Most fence companies have a slower business during this time of year because people don’t use their backyards as much. In addition, installing a wood fence in the fall allows the wood to acclimate to the climate without being exposed to the hot summer sun.

Do Horizontal and Vertical Fences Cost More?

The cost of building a horizontal fence is usually higher than a vertical fence. However, horizontal fences tend to last longer. Most fences have straight up and down rails, so horizontal fences are more visible. However, horizontal fences are not always the most protective of privacy, as the fences may not match up perfectly with each other.

Do I Need to Hire a Land Surveyor Before Installing a New Fence?

To ensure that your fence is on the correct side of your property line, you should almost always hire a local land surveyor. If you get the shape of your property wrong, then you may need to move or fix the privacy fence. This could expose you to fines and expensive alterations. We recommend that you start planning your fence in the spring so that you have plenty of time to make plans before the building season begins.

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