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How Much Does Composite Decking Cost

Friday, December 03, 2021

How Much Does Composite Decking Cost

Here are many types of building materials for the construction project, today we are going to talk about composite decking. We can compare the cost of composite decking, wood decking, and PVC decking, deciding which one is the most cost-efficient for your home deck.

We can know the composite decking cost vs wood, you can get a composite decking cost calculator to work out the result of composite decking price comparison with the traditional wood.

Stronger than a wood deck

Composite decking series products can satisfy your specific needs according to the layout of your home backyard or your garden, you can choose the traditional wood decking to be your activity corner. But wood is easy to rot bearing the continuous corrosion of climate and temperature changes throughout the whole year.

But the composite decking doesn’t have the corrosion problems caused by severe weather. You can click here to know how composite decking is made. Composite decking has a long life-span service life compared with the traditional wood material. You can choose composite decking as your first choice for building firmly solid deck flooring.

Wood-plastic composite decking material has various advantages that traditional wood decking doesn’t have. What’s more, you don’t need any complicated work on daily maintenance.

So how much does composite decking cost?

You can get the composite decking at the best price, and you can get the composite decking cost per square foot. The composite decking board price is around $3-6 for each square meter. The composite decking average cost is $2-4. You can get the composite decking material price here.

composite decking price

The price catalog is based on the cost of composite decking boards, you can regard it as the composite decking cost estimator, you can work out the composite decking lowest price and decide what type of composite decking you need.

Is composite decking worth the cost?

Yes, of course. Composite decking cost per square foot installed can decrease your cost, you can choose the standard composite decking pattern. Composite decking is an environmentally-friendly building material with low cost and low maintenance. A 25-year warranty is supported while choosing composite decking, and you don’t need to stain, paint, or cover the composite decking to keep it new. More and more homeowners like to choose composite decking to decorate their homes because of its high performance and easy installation.

If you are looking for deck flooring with the longest life span of up to 25 years, composite decking can’t let you down. It is much better than the pressure-treated lumber too, you can choose to customize your ideal color, surface, and even size matter. Decking board is commonly on various occasions, including parks, gardens, housing estates, and also your private home backyards.

Low maintenance

Wood building material can absorb much water resulting in hard corrosion problems, you have to spend much more time and money on its maintenance by painting its surface. However, composite decking has an excellent ability to avoid absorbing moisture to keep it dry and tidy throughout the year. The density of the composite decking makes it possible to keep safe all the time with the moisture-proof and waterproof features. Composite decking has a far high density compared with the pressure-treated lumber. Low maintenance is a great method to decrease the composite decking labor cost. This is one of the differences between composite decking vs wood decking costs.


Composite decking has better durability, you can use it for almost 30 years without any disappointingly complicated maintenance worries. Other floor materials, such as ipe wood or traditional wood material, you have to coat its surface to protect.   


Composite decking board can be made with a wide range of colors, you can choose your ideal colors or shades to satisfy your needs for your home decoration. In a word, composite decking has rich colors, vividly models after the natural wood texture. You can choose the composite decking with the natural wood look, and the 3D wood grain textured surface can give you an authentic feeling, which is perfectly good to match the surrounding environment.


Composite decking can’t fade even exposed to the rain and sun all year-round, the colors of it can stay fresh like-new look from the very beginning when you buy it. The composite decking manufacturer can’t stop the innovation and creation to make the wood composite decking better and better.

So the composite decking cost worthy its values. Come and choose your own deck now!

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