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How long is the service life of the composite decking boards?

December 04, 2021

Whether you are a professional contractor or a skilled installer, understanding the composite decking boards is very useful for your next outdoor project. The innovative combination of wood fiber and recycled plastic makes composite decking more durable than natural wood flooring or treated flooring. But how long can composite decking boards actually last? Its service life may be longer than you think.

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How long can composite decking boards last?

Composite decking boards have some of the functions of wooden flooring and make it better. If installed and maintained correctly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations,  composite decking boards can last for 20 years, sometimes even longer. In contrast, the pressure-treated deck can be used for an average of 9 years. American hardwood can be used for 15 years, but it needs frequent maintenance. As time goes by, the maintenance cost will become higher and higher.

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After installing the deck, it does not mean that you can enjoy it. Regular maintenance is required. The wooden deck needs to be deeply scrubbed every two years and sealed every two to three years. Without this regular and expensive maintenance, they will deform or crack over time, and the cracked wooden decks need to be polished and repaired to restore smoothness.

After installing composite decking, It does not need sanding or dyeing to maintain its new appearance. You can buy COOWIN composite decking in various colors and surfaces according to your preferences. Simple soapy water scrubbing can keep the composite deck cleaning, so the maintenance of the composite decking is almost effortless.

How long is the service life of the composite decking boards|advantage of composite decking boards

How to choose different  decorative decking

In general, the average service life of pressure-treated wood floors is the shortest, and it is also the cheapest. Usually, maintenance requires professional polishing and dyeing, which may require a high price. If the long-term maintenance cost is added, it is more expensive than wood-plastic composite decking.

During installation, the composite decking prices may be higher, but the subsequent maintenance costs are almost no, and the service life may be as long as 20 years or even longer. Therefore, when the budget is sufficient, you may wish to choose composite decking decorative.

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