How Is Composite Decking Packed During the Packaging Process?


Composite decking is becoming more and more popular, widely applied in various occasions. Composite decking has various advantages compared with traditional wood decking, we know how composite decking is made in the factory, and now let’s look at how composite decking is packed in the manufacturer.

Let’s see how composite decking is packed step by step:



Firstly, place the joists on the ground to create a base foundation, which can be used as the cork base to shape the composite decking in a square. Keep in mind that the ground should be flat and solid. Use H-shaped beams with 60mm thickness for creating the foundation.



After the installation of the combined joists, you need to use a waterproof cloth to cover it, putting the cloth on the surface of the joist foundation. The waterproof cloth with water resistance feature can keep the composite decking away from moisture.



Then put a thick paperboard on the top of the waterproof cloth.



It’s the time to place the composite decking board in order on the paperboard to keep it away from floating dust.



Then you use the plastic cloth to cover the whole composite decking for three times. The composite decking pallet is covered by three layers of stretch films to keep stable.



Then cover the composite decking with the outer box, sealing the outer box with the tape.



Use the waterproof cloth covering the whole composite decking, fixing it with the tape.



Use the packing strap to fix the composite decking pallet, keeping it stable and firm.



After packaging, we will put the shipping mark showing the specification clearly, containing an item, color, length and quantity.




The packaging process is monitored by QA/QC control system. The acceptable product will be pasted QA-PASS sealing tape on the surface of the outer packaging.


Overall, composite decking can be packed seriously and strictly before the transportation process. Strict quality control is the key to quality assurance.