Hot selling to Myanmar WPC outdoor courtyard decking floor


Hot selling to Myanmar WPC outdoor courtyard decking floor
For the markets of different countries, the demand for outdoor flooring is completely different, and the places that need attention in the production process are naturally different. For example, the outdoor courtyard covering the floor that many people are familiar with is like this. Generally speaking, the demand for such products in China is to be able to adapt to the changes of the four seasons. In most places, there is not much precipitation, so there is a demand for moisture-proof function, but Not very urgent. But the hot sale to the WPC outdoor courtyard in Myanmar is not the same, it has completely different requirements.

Higher standard moisture resistance
Unlike the domestic situation, the country of Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia. There is no change in the four seasons in this country. Therefore, whether the floor can adapt to the changes of the four seasons is not taken seriously by people here. But because the country has a lot of rainfall during the rainy season, it often happens that it rains for several days. Therefore, the demand for flooring here has a very clear moisture demand and is a very high standard. If this is not possible, then it will definitely have a big impact when it is used.
More anti-mosquito ability
Unlike the domestic market, the WPC outdoor garden decking floor is also more demanding in terms of anti-mosquito, and it must have excellent performance. In China, mosquitoes are only troublesome in the summer, and other times are good, so there is a certain ability to prevent and cure. Myanmar is different, because it is very warm all year round, so the ability of the floor to prevent mosquitoes must be strong, so as to ensure its service life, which is completely different from the domestic.