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composite decking

Hollow, Solid, Capped, Uncapped WPC composite decking boards which is more suitable for you?

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Composite decking boards is a high-performance synthetic deck.

Made from recycled materials such as recycled plastic, wood fiber and sawdust.

The combination of these two primary components is also the reason why wood plastic composite is often used.

It is generally referred to as WPC decking or composite decking boards.

Composite decking boards, unlike traditional wood decking, does not split, splinter, warp, or swell.

It is unquestionably an eco-friendly product that promotes a sustainable future. Becaus it utilizes solely recycled wood.

WPC composite decking boards

Hollow Composite Decking Boards

Hollow decking boards do not require painting or staining and available in a variety of UV-resistant colors that match flawl essly with COOWIN composite decking accessories.

  • Dual-sided having two groove
  • Natural-looking substitute for wood decking
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain
  • It is safe to walk on because to the nonslip surface, and it will not splinter or deform over time.
  • No need to paint or seal
  • low water permeability
  • Not susceptible to insect damage
Hollow Composite Decking Boards

Solid Composite Decking Boards

Simple maintenance

When it comes to little outdoor maintenance, solid composite decking boards is the ideal option.

This is especially true if you want decking that performs far better than typical wood or plastic decking.

Our solid COOWIN decking never requires painting, staining, or sealing and will never splinter or decay.

Fade & Stain Resistant

Solid WPC decking is one of the most resilient decking materials available. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and will not deteriorate after a few years of use. The color of solid WPC decking will never fade, and it will never require painting or sealing.

Excellent Warranty

Our solid wood plastic outdoor flooring is produced from composite materials of the highest quality. Our robust composite outdoor flooring boards are backed by a remarkable 25-year warranty, so you can rest assured that they will last for many years.

Solid Composite Decking Boards

Capped Composite Decking Boards

COOWIN® Capped composite decking is completely protected all the way around the board, including the tiniest areas of curvature and grooves.

COOWIN® feels that this is the only way to protect the core of the board from UV, water, insects, and other microorganisms.

  • Hardwood decking requires more maintenance.
  • Better than plastic decking in terms of quality
  • All gardens and outdoor spaces will benefit from it.

The capped decking keeps moisture out of the core, preventing issues like rot, splits, and cracks, as well as fungus and mold growth.

To keep your family members healthy and safe, choose a WPC decking product that is durable and has a longer life span.

Capped Composite Decking Boards

Uncapped Composite Decking Boards

Plastic decking is superior to traditional wood decking in every aspect possible since it is specifically engineered to resemble the appearance of natural wood.

WPC Composite lumber is very resistant to fading, stains, and abrasions. As well as warping, splitting, and splintering.

Meanwhile, it requires little upkeep, enabling you to relax and enjoy your deck without having to worry about it.

While uncapped composite decking isn’t as moisture resistant as capped composite decking. It’s still a terrific flooring option that can handle life’s difficulties.

Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for a decking option that outperforms wood or plastic. Looking no further than our non-capped wood plastic decking. Despite the fact that it is uncapped, this synthetic decking will never need to be painted, stained, or sealed, and it will not splinter or decay.

Anti-fade and anti-stain

COOWIN uncapped synthetic decking is reassuringly sturdy, being both adaptable and long-lasting.

It can withstand all types of weather and will not be destroyed by excessive footfall. You’ll never have to worry about your deck’s color fading or staining if you choose non-capped wood plastic decking.

Up to 25 years of warranty

You may buy your new deck with confidence since our non-capped wood plastic decking is made with high-quality components. A 25-year warranty is included with several of our non-capped boards (warranty).

Uncapped Composite Decking Boards

Why Choose Composite Decking Boards?

Composite outdoor decking is a cutting-edge flooring material that outperforms traditional wood decking in terms of quality, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

Plastic decking boards is more durable, weather resistant, and easy to maintain than wood decking.

You can avoid decking problems like as splinters, cracks, and color fading by using wood plastic decking. It’s also simple to set up and takes less time. Plus, there’s more.

This beautiful decking is also a green product! If you’re concerned about the environment, synthetic wood decking may be a better option because it’s made from recycled materials.

Why Choose Composite Decking Boards?

Why Choose COOWIN Composite Decking Boards?

As a robust and resistant Shield, COOWIN wood plastic decks provides optimum protection with the following features: stain resistance, scratch resistance, and no need to paint.

COOWIN’s WPC maintain a pleasing appearance for years to come with very little maintenance, saving you time and money.

  • All home installations come with a 20/25 year warranty.
  • Practically no upkeep is necessary.
  • Styles and colors that are unrivaled on the market.
Why Choose COOWIN Composite Decking Boards?
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