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Is your composite decking in any way harmful for children?

November 30, 2021

No. COOWIN composite products are non-toxic and don’t contain any harmful substances. Besides, they are child-friendly thanks to their features of non-splintering, stain resistance, slip-resistance, and weather-resistance. Nothing is more important than your children’s safety. You want to do all that you can to protect them, even if they are more accident-prone at their young ages.

COOWIN composite decking won’t rot, or collect mildew or mold which may affect the durability of the deck and put both you and your children in danger. COOWIN composite decking will not splinter, 100% safe when you walk on the surface.

With COOWIN composite decking, your puddles will not lead to slips, falls, and subsequent injuries, especially if your young ones like to chase after one another. COOWIN composite material comes with grooves or simulated wood grain to reduce the chances of losing your footing. While kids should still follow the no-running rule, they won’t be so much at risk with any deck.