Extrusion technology of wood plastic composite


Wood plastic composite material extrusion molding refers to the method of mixing and plasticizing the heated and melted plastic boxwood fiber material by heating and pressurizing the thermoplastic and wood fiber material in the extruder, and finally continuously molding through the die. Extrusion molding can process almost all thermoplastics. It is one of the most important processing methods in the field of plastic molding processing. It has a short cycle, high efficiency, and continuous production. It is a production process with low energy consumption and high output.

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Waste plastic crushing

The crushing of waste plastics is generally divided into shear crushing and impact crushing. When the material block is too large, the crusher cannot be used directly. It is necessary to use a cutting machine to cut the material into a size that can be loaded into the feeding port of the crusher. New crushers often have both shearing and impact crushing functions.


In the plastics industry, granulation refers to the general term for pellets made of resins and various additives that are easy to form after metering and mixing. Such granules include granules and pellets. Granules refer to plastic pellets that have a relatively uniform size within a specified batch, are used for modeling and extrusion operations. Granulation is usually done before the synthetic boards are made, so the composite boards will be colored more uniformly.