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Exterior Wall Cladding Installation Case Show in Israel

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Exterior wall cladding offers a new look for your building, with some creative designs that can give you a more unique look.

Appearance and longevity, are two factors that are very important in choosing Wall cladding. The key is, how do you choose the right material for your needs among a variety of materials? We will discuss several common cladding materials next.

Different wall cladding materials


Natural wood is a popular choice as it is very inexpensive and readily available. It adds a rustic feel to a building and provides good insulation and protection from the cold.

However, traditional wood can have a much shorter life span and is very susceptible to cracking, warping, or rotting. Even pressure-treated wood requires a lot of maintenance and care to keep it in use. This is why many homeowners wish to replace their wood cladding.


This type of cladding is very durable and has a longer life span. However, it is relatively more expensive, and it can be very difficult to install and transport. Metal cladding is less compatible and for some buildings, it is not suitable for installation.


Stone cladding is also a common choice. It comes in many forms, such as natural stone and stone veneer. Natural stone is the most expensive option and it can add a sense of elegance and luxury to your building. Stone veneer is an easy-to-install option that can be easily installed on the wall.

Stone cladding is indeed a good choice, but with sunlight, the cladding may crack and peel.

Brick Cladding

This is a timeless option that has been used for centuries. It gives your building a more traditional look and offers a more durable finish and a variety of colors. It is very low maintenance, so brick cladding is a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Composite wall cladding

Feedback from homeowners and data show that composite wall cladding is a perfect choice. It is more durable, sturdy, maintenance-free, and versatile. Composite wall cladding is easy to install and although it is more expensive than traditional wood, its low maintenance makes it more cost-effective.

Exterior Wall Cladding Installation Case Show in Israel

The model of the wall panel is TH-10, its width of it is 124mm, and its thickness of it is 23mm, with a grooved surface texture, which is typically classical and graceful for decorating the wall of a building with your ideal style. Various colors are provided, and the wall panel can’t fade the color easily. So you can choose the color and pattern you like to create the wall with your wanted patterns. And the length of the wall paneling can create by yourself with the cutting tools. Various shapes can create in order to satisfy the requirement of different occasions.

Above all, the independent working environment is not good, vulnerable to external shocks and ultraviolet radiation, and shortens life. Composite wall panels have good UV radiation protection performance, and can effectively avoid the impact of these negative factors.

Composite wall cladding ideas

Combination of classical and modern

A combination of modern and classic styles can add to the appeal of a home. Composite wall cladding can add a more modern look and feel to your building while choosing more classic materials can give you a more unique look.

Mixing composite wall cladding with stone, for example, can make your building more appealing. The unique design will leave a lasting impression on your guests and friends.

Multiple Materials

Using one color and looking for your façade is very safe, but as you use it, it may look very bland. Experimenting with different colors and looks to match can make your building stand out.

Variety and color combinations can make your composite wall cladding very distinctive. A unique look can make you look more pleasant and add more appeal.

European style

Compared to other styles, European-style composite cladding is more aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and unique in appearance. This style of facade can bring a more elegant look to the building.

Minimalist façade

The above styles can give your building a unique look, but if you choose a simple and rustic facade it will never go out of style. The simple style can create a warm atmosphere and make you in feel more pleasant. The simple and rustic style will not make you feel aesthetically tired, so many homeowners prefer this design.


In conclusion, exterior cladding installation is an important project for building renovation and refurbishment. It can effectively protect your building and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Choosing the right material can achieve your desired look and function, and referring to some unique composite wall cladding ideas can make it easy for you to find the right design style for you.

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