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You Need To Know About Veranda Composite Decking

Friday, December 03, 2021

Building a composite decking is a good way to create a relaxing outdoor living space area for children to have fun if they are a homeowner. Veranda composite decking is really a good option for you to make a place for entertainment and amusement with nature.

Here is everything you need to know about veranda composite decking, Let’s start now!

What is veranda composite decking?

Composite decking is becoming more and more popular in the building material industry field. Which has various types installed in various places for different applications. Building a good composite decking can help save much time and money. Especially it is an environmentally-friendly building material with health value.

Veranda composite decking is made of natural wood fiber material, recycled plastic material, and some chemical additives. Without any sharp splinters, rotting or other potential damaged problems. It can use to install the deck flooring for the house balcony, creating a beautiful and exquisite place for family members to get together to have a fun time.

Does veranda composite decking vary in colors?

Composite decking design with natural wood beauty. You can own the appearance of the natural wood with a long-lasting life span at the same time.

Veranda composite decking has different colors and shades, vivid color patterns with wood texture are provided. You can find the one you like, a composite decking design with unique characteristics. With the rustic natural look of wood materials. Realistic, natural, and durable, you can choose the color you want!

Here are rich colors for reference now, including coffee color series, cedar art color series, red pine color series, red-brown color series, and blue-gray color series. You can know more color options here. Besides the colors above, you can choose veranda composite decking surface color customization to satisfy your needs.   

Does veranda composite decking have various lengths?

Composite decking has various sizes, you can cut it into different lengths according to your requirements. 2.2m, 2.7m, 5.4m, or customized lengths are provided, you don’t need to worry about the length problems. You can take the measurement at the beginning and decide the length you want while installing.

Is veranda composite decking faded?

Composite decking can be made with a protective covering material, it can use for up to 25 to 30 years. You don’t need to paint the oil on the surface of it, decreasing your painting work in the following days. The capped composite decking can fade even exposed to the sun and rain all year round. It’s extremely durable, with stable color, protecting its surface against cracking, splintering, and fading problems.

Veranda composite decking installation guide

Above all, composite decking material can store for a long time, without any worries about its deformation. However, composite decking can install easily and quickly compared with traditional wood flooring. After that, you can click here to know how to install composite decking. Please remember that you need to follow some extra spacing room between outdoor composite decking boards to accommodate some expansion and contraction caused by the climate changes in a year.

Veranda composite decking has wide applications

In addition, composite decking can combine the natural appearance of natural wood with a beautiful look. And the texture of recycled plastic with the hard touch feeling. Unlike wood flooring, composite decking design with low maintenance and high performance. It can be applied in various places, for the home yard, hotel balcony, scenic spot, walking pathway, pavilion, and official place.  

Above all, composite decking doesn’t need any complicated maintenance and cleaning work, lowing the cost of installing and maintaining. WPC decking can be used as dock planking. Also, you can boom your ideas to find the possibilities for the place where you can use them.  

Does veranda composite decking have a warranty?

Yes, of course, composite decking has a 30-year limited warranty, with a long duration and long-lasting service life. Composite decking has the ability to avoid various problems, like rotting, splintering, cracking, insect biting, and so on. Above all, the capped surface material is protective to keep it new for almost a decade.

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