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Does composite decking get hot in the sun?

December 17, 2021

With composite decking becoming more and more widely used, have you considered buying composite decking to build your outdoor space?

Perhaps you may have heard that composite decking gets hot in the sun? Of course, if you install composite decking outside where there is no shade, it will get hot.

But don’t worry, not all composite decking gets hot. Whether or not a composite decking gets hot depends very much on the color of the composite decking. Next, we will tell you why composite decking gets hot and what we can do to prevent this.

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How can I prevent my deck from getting hot?

The color of your composite decks can affect their temperature in the summer months. Composite decking is available in many colors such as red, light brown, dark brown, silver, chocolate, light grey, dark grey, and black. If build outdoor living space does not have shade, it is important to choose the correct color of composite decking.

Dark composite decking boards colors such as black do not reflect the sun’s rays, but rather absorb the sun’s heat and make the composite decking hot. If you want to build a composite deck without shade, it is best to use light-colored trim boards. Lighter colors such as light grey, brown, and silver decking will reflect the sun’s rays and thus keep the surface of the deck cool.

How to choose a composite deck

If you live in a place where the sun shines all year round, then choose light-colored composite deck boards. Light-colored boards such as light grey and brown do not absorb heat from the sun, so they have a cool surface.

However, if you live in a place with cooler weather and less sunlight, you can install dark-colored boards outdoors. These boards will keep your feet warm while you relax outdoors.

Create a shade on your outdoor deck

Another way to prevent your composite decking boards from getting hot in the sun is to erect a shade over them. Erecting a structure over your deck blocks the sun’s rays and prevents the composite deck from becoming hot. It helps the surface of your deck to stay cool even in the heat of summer, while still allowing you to cool off outside.

This way, you can enjoy your outdoor deck even in summer. Homeowners can install a large sunshade for their deck shade. If you want something permanent, you can build a simple structure, such as a pergola, above the composite decking.

Composite decking in different colours

Composite decking boards can be customized in many different colors and being familiar with the colours will help you make the right decision when it comes to installing your decking.

Black composite trim panels

Black composite decking tends to absorb heat from the sun, making the floor hot. This color of composite decking is suitable for homeowners who live in areas with less sunlight.

Grey composite deck

Grey composite decking is available in both light grey and dark grey. Builders can install light-colored composite decking outdoors to avoid the composite decking becoming hot due to sunlight exposure. Therefore there is no need to erect a sunshade above it and light composite decking is suitable for installation in any area.

Dark grey composite decking, like black composite decking, absorbs heat from the sun and is not suitable for sunny areas unless you build a shade structure over it.

Brown composite decks

Like grey, brown composite decking comes in dark and light colors. Light coloured composite decking is suitable for use anywhere and does not become hot in the sun. Dark brown composite decking, on the other hand, gets hot in the sun and is therefore suitable for areas with less sunlight.

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