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Different Types of Deck Railing Costs

Thursday, February 10, 2022

A deck railing is a structural barrier that prevents people and pets from falling. Especially when the edge of an outdoor deck is 18 inches or more above the ground, deck railing must be followed to improve safety. Deck railing systems use posts and rails to complete the railing for stability, leveling, and stairs. Before installing the deck railing, we need to know some questions. Which type of deck railing is better? What is the cost of different deck railings?

The deck railing is arguably the most visible part of your outdoor deck. It’s important to find the style, color, and size of the railing that matches your home. With so many options available, we can help guide you to the railing that best fits your project and price range.

For the past several decades, most decks have used wood railings. Wooden railings may be the least expensive to purchase, but the most expensive to maintain later. In everyday life, wood railings require regular maintenance every year or two. You need to spend a lot of time and money to repair, sand, and paint the wooden railing. Therefore, the wood railing is also one of the most expensive types of railing.

Cost of aluminum deck railing

For aluminum railing systems, the purchase price ranges from $50 per linear foot to $60 per linear foot. The exact price depends on the material used or the size of the post and the cost of shipping.

Why is an aluminum railing a good choice? This is because the aluminum railing has great durability. If not properly cared for, iron railings will rust, but aluminum railings will not. Of course, it is a good idea to buy paint pens in the same color as the railing, whether it is for iron or aluminum railing. It will cover any areas where the paint has been scratched off. Touching up a railing with paint is easy and effective and can be done by anyone.

outdoor deck railing | composite railing

Cost of Composite deck Railings

Composite railing systems are very similar to aluminum systems in that they include all the necessary components. The biggest difference in composite railing system materials is the choice of posts. Most composite railing systems offer a post sleeve that is placed on either a wood post or a structural bullhead post.

Composite railing costs $65 per linear foot to $150 per linear foot. Again, this depends on the application and size of the material, as well as the type of infill or railing.

Cost of Cable Railing

A cable railing is another option that people commonly use. The cable railing is a minimalist view that has a modern look. However, cable railing can be an expensive option. Cable railing systems range in price from $90 per linear foot to $150 per linear foot.

The huge advantage of cable railing systems is the kit posts, which are pre-drilled, making the installation process as simple as it can be.

Cost Comparison

A cost comparison of different deck railing seems to indicate that aluminum railing is a relatively affordable railing option. Composite railing with an aluminum railing or composite railing infill is more expensive than the all-aluminum railing. And cable infill with composite railing will be more expensive than cable with aluminum railing.

But in everyday life, metal railings are more susceptible to the effects of temperature. For example, in cooler weather, the railing will freeze. In the hot summer, the deck railing will be hot. At the same time, in order to match the latter outdoor deck design of the house, the metal railing needs to be painted. The ease of use is not as good as composite railing.

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