Development trends of wood-plastic composite materials


WPC technology has a lot of space for exploration in basic research, production technology, and application direction. It will maintain a good development momentum in the following areas.

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Development of efficient WPC special production equipment

The current WPC production equipment basically uses plastic processing equipment for living wood-based wood-based panels. Even if the equipment is modified according to the characteristics of the materials, it still cannot fundamentally solve the problem of high production energy consumption, insufficient process stability, and equipment. Low production efficiency. Therefore, in-depth research on WPC production raw materials and product characteristics, designing special equipment with reasonable structure, and efficient operation is a problem that must be solved in the development of WPC.

Stabilization and expansion of reliable plastic sources

One of the keys to developing WPC is to have stable and reliable plastic raw materials. Due to the high price of primary plastics, the cost of using WPC as raw materials will be too high, which is not conducive to popularization and application. The use of waste plastic as the raw material of WPC complies with the principle of circular economy and is also the best way to solve the pollution of plastic waste. However, we must first establish a complete recycling network for waste materials and develop technologies for the regeneration and modification of waste plastics, so as to ensure the stability of WPC product quality.

Application of foaming process

Foamed WPC will become more and more important, and its main advantage is that it can reduce the weight and cost of the product. In addition, foaming can increase stiffness, making WPC more wood-like when tightening connections. The development of WPC micro-foaming technology, large-scale wide-thick plate products technology, and complete sets of equipment are important development directions.