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Design & Customization
Exclusive & Free Customization

The composite product has a strong moldable nature, not only the common composite decking, cladding, fencing, but also can be developed into any shape to meet the needs of most outdoor building materials.

Therefore, customers can even imagine and DIY products according to their own needs, then, our R&D engineers will design the exclusive products that customers need by analyzing their use, and make the final output composite products by drawing drawings, making molds.

Now, we have customized many new products for our customers and applied for patents.

Unlike the popular product models, these customized products are unique and therefore highly competitive in the market and difficult to copy. "Once your product has features that others can't replace, you have a stable customer base, because once they start using it, they can't do without your exclusive supply." said an agency customer who customized the new decking.

  • Art Color Wood Grain Decking
  • Extra Wide Capped Decking
  • 3D Wood Grain Cladding
Project Scene 3D Effect Picture Design

Want to see how COOWIN composite products are used in your project?
Want to know which color is most satisfying?
Want to get accurate design drawings for installation?

The COOWIN professional design department meets all your requirements. We can implement real-world scenarios of your project through software modeling. And many customers have successfully obtained the project bid with the drawing we provide.

Publicity Material Customization

COOWIN is committed to growing with customers and doing the best to help develop the market together.
Sample boxes, brochures, full set of product images....Any promotional materials can be customized according to the customer's
company information. From design to production, we provide a complete solution.

Partial Customized Publicity Material Display
  • Brochure
  • Sample Box
  • Full Sets of Pictures