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composite decking

Custom 3D relief WPC garden fence

Friday, December 03, 2021

For a decorative wall project with a strong artistic flavor, the choice of materials is very important. The decorative materials corresponding to different design requirements are also different, especially for a garden fence with 3D relief effects.

Custom 3D relief WPC garden fence|WPC material|composite decking boards

Conventional materials cannot be used. This also objectively reflects the advantages of wood-plastic composites. After all, its high quality in effect customization is relatively obvious. And it also provides sufficient satisfaction for more construction needs.

Selection of high-quality materials

As we all know, many outdoor projects nowadays have strict requirements on the aesthetics of appearance. Which requires the selection of materials to obtain the design effect and level. After all, after a long period of industrial development. The current WPC wood-plastic process has been It is extremely advanced. And I believe that its positive effect on meeting different construction needs should not be underestimated. The key is to have a vivid production technology for the different pattern effects of the garden wall.

Design concept change

It is precise because more and more garden walls have optimized the design concept of patterns that they have mature conditions in all aspects during the installation and construction of construction materials. After all, in the face of the existing material production technology. Various styles All of the wall panels are capable of excellent performance. I believe this is also of great benefit to meet the design requirements of 3D relief effects. And it is also vital to promote the rapid development of the entire industry.

Detailed construction process

In general, the impact of different material properties on the quality of the project is different. Only being familiar with the use process and the performance characteristics of the board can play an advantageous role in the intricate construction environment. So that it can ensure the garden wall The design effect is intuitively reflected.

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