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Create Your Perfect Garden by Composite Lumber Decking

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Composite Decking – Best Option for Garden Decor

With the growing popularity of outdoor home furnishings, more and more people are becoming interested in garden and courtyard living. So they invite skilled garden designers to create private gardens with high-quality materials in order to live a better life. Before everything gets started, have you ever considered composite lumber decking?

Usually solid wood and stone are popular choices for people who want to adorn their gardens in a pastoral style. These types of building materials are more common and accessible. People often believe that constructing gardens with these is easier and has a longer useful life.

People have a fresh knowledge of garden décor as a result of the popularity of some new materials.

One of the more popular new materials is composite decking. You can create a wealth of composite decking design ideas thanks to the good looks and compatibility of multiple styles, More individuals will consider composite decking as a key option when designing patios and gardens, attracted by its long life, and rich color styles, and ease of installation.

Are you prepared to think about using composite decking in your garden?

composite decking build garden
Composite Decking Garden

Composite Decking’s Advantages & Drawbacks

PerformanceComposite DeckingSolid WoodStonePlastic
Scratch Resistant★★★★★★★★★★
Stain Resistance★★★★★★★★★★
Mildew Resistance★★★★★★★★★
Life Time★★★★
Low Maintenance★★★★★★
Visual Effect★★★
  • Advantages of Composite Decking

As you can see, WPC decking is waterproof and moisture resistant, unlike traditional wood decking, which is easily harmed by moisture.

Preventing ant and insect damage: Composite lumber decking is more robust and can effectively prevent termite or other insect invasions.

The wood-plastic composite decking is available in a wide range of colors. In other words, It has a variety of colors to pick from while preserving the wood grain.

More environmentally friendly and safe: it contains very little formaldehyde, and the wood-plastic decking can be reused, making it more environmentally friendly and safer.

Strong fire resistance: wood-plastic composite decking has a good flame retardant effect, it has B1 rate for fire resistance.

Convenient installation: The installation and construction of wood-plastic decking boards are more convenient and quick, and they can reduce the time it takes to decorate.

Strong reworkability: It is reworkable and may be reprocessed and used again through sawing, planing, bonding, and other methods.

Composite lumber decking boards are more durable and have a longer service life since they do not bend, expand, or have other qualities.

composite decking advantages
Performance of Composite Decking
  • Composite lumber decking also has drawbacks

Composite decking is slightly less “tough” than solid wood and has lower impact resistance.

Purchase with caution. The price and quality of composite decking on the market vary substantially. It is advised that you purchase from a well-known brand that has an after-sales guarantee.

Steps to Make a Garden Decking Plan

  1. Please plan the route from the garden entrance to your house first; this will serve as the foundation for everything else. No structures or plants should obstruct the passage of two or more people walking side by side.
  2. In general, it is a good idea to construct a composite lumber decking platform specifically, and a composite railing will improve the garden. At all times, composite decking must be built on a flat, well-drained surface. Therefore, if these circumstances do not already exist in the region where you wish to install, complete this component of the project before you begin: To elevate the composite decking, you may create a wood structure or install the joists after the drainage is in place.
  3. We begin planning the green plants and flowers surrounding the decking after selecting the installation area. This will enhance the beauty and naturalness of your decking. What’s more, choosing plants that are easier to care for will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to flower maintenance. Climates differ in different countries and locations, as do the plants that are suited for planting. You can grow a natural screen by planting a row of French holly towards the edge of the decking area. Plant creepers or ivy against the walls to create a lush barrier. You can enjoy spring blossoms and autumn fruits by planting welcome spring, pomegranates, Chinese roses, wax plums, camellias, or kumquats, oranges, figs, loquats, and other fruits in the yard, which is a feast for the eyes and a good fortune.
  4. Ask your architectural designer if you’re still unsure if you’re up to the task! Give them your wants and expectations, and they’ll make more acceptable recommendations for the area’s planning. But believe me when I say that installing composite decking in the garden is so simple that you can do it yourself! Let’s look at how to put composite decking together next!
How to install composite on your garden
Light Gray Composite Decking in Garden

The Best Way to Install Composite Lumber Decking

1. Treatment of the Ground

How to install composite decking? Before you start, please note that the service life of composite lumber decking is dependent on a flat, hard, well-ventilated, and drained decking environment. So, please apply appropriate ground treatment based on the construction site’s ground characteristics. And you can use the following approaches in soft sand, dirt, lawns, and other ground environments:

  • Harden the foundation.
    • Use appropriate ground screws.
    • For ground hardening treatment, pour concrete.
  • Install the decking joist

You can either create a wooden frame or utilize joists made of wood plastic composite material. If you’re going to utilize wood-plastic joists, make sure the ground is well-drained and the composite decking board’s installation direction has been chosen. For joint fixation, please utilize expansion screws.

Composite Decking Installation
Decking Under Installation

2. Install the first row of decking and the starting parts

Cut the composite lumber decking to the length you need. Then, connect the starter piece to the decking joist, and screw the decking boards to the joist.

3. Install the rest of the decking

Install the remaining wood-plastic composite decking with metal fasteners or plastic connectors. So, please keep in mind that different fasteners require different installation procedures, for further information, contact your supplier.

4. End Finishing for Decking

On the outer composite lumber decking edge, corner guards or edge boards can be put to make the decking look more complete and lovely. What’s more, pre-drill holes or use professional woodworking nails whenever you want to fasten screws to the decking board surface.

Gardening on your own with composite decking is a fantastic experience! However, a skilled woodworker can, of course, handle the job of putting the decking. They will make more sensible adaptations to the specific conditions of your garden under the advice of your architectural designer.

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