Composite Decking

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composite decking
  • composite decking

    In 2000, a WPC factory is established with the WPC production technology from USA, to supply WPC products to Canadian market.

  • composite decking

    In 2006, COOWIN® International is registered for diversification strategy. In addition to the outdoor WPC division, outdoor PWPC product line, a business unit of WPC machinery&technology output and a business incubator are launched there after.

  • composite decking

    Since 2008, implement Brand strategy, Successively launch the brands of COOWIN®、BAREFOOT® and 尊墅院落®

  • composite decking

    In 2013, a new factory is expanded, to meet the need of booming market.

  • composite decking

    Since 2014, strengthen the internal management with ISO 9001,ISO14001,CE, increased the product and enterprise competitiveness, was granted China top 10 WPC brand by the authority.

  • composite decking

    Since 2017, continue to increase the investment in R&D of new product and production process, to pursue sustainable development. Was qualified as "Enterprise of Profession,Precise,Speciality" by the authority.

  • composite decking

    Since 2019, establish a principle of “Focus on customer needs, infinitely close to consumer needs, and go all out to improve customer satisfaction”. Internally improve product system, customer service system, and strengthen team professional management; externally implement multi-level global partnership strategy based on win-win principle

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COOWIN® Organization

COOWIN® has a well-organized structure. The headquarters office leads the company's affairs and customer service support. The production base is responsible for order production and shipping arrangements. Every department is in close contact and orderly operation.

composite decking


At COOWIN®, each member has a professional service spirit and is committed to providing the ultimate customer experience. Unity, enthusiasm, professionalism, every COOWINer always maintains a positive state and move towards the future.

"Hundred Years Composite, Hundred Years Cooperation."
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